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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Lengkap Kunci Jawaban (Paket 2)

Mata Pelajaran    : Bahasa Inggris
Hari, tanggal       : ........................
Waktu                 :  120 menit


1.      Tulis nama, kelas, nomor peserta Anda pada lembar jawaban.
2.      Arsirlah atau hitamkanlah huruf A, B, C, atau D yang menurut Anda merupakan jawaban yang paling benar.
3.      Gunakanlah pensil 2B dan penghapus karet yang baik.
4.      Jika  ingin mengganti jawaban hapuslah jawaban tersebut dengan penghapus dan arsirlah jawaban yang benar.

I. CHOOSE ANSWER RIGHT a, b, c, or d !

1.   A : Do you mind if I use your computer? I have to do an assignment
B : I’d love to, but ………
a. Certainly                                         c. here it is
b.I am using it                                   d. surely

2.   Jenn   : What do you think of Sanur Beach ?
Serla  : Well, I think it is the biggest temple in the world.
The underlined utterance shows ……………
a. Refusing something            c. Accepting an offer
b. Agreement                          d. Asking for opinion

3.   X : Playing kites is interesting.
Y : ……. We are not children anymore. Playing foot ball is more interesting
a.  I agree with you                               c. I think so
b.  I don’t agree                                     d. I see
4.   X : Edo has ten in English test
Y : …………………..
a. Nice work                                        c. It’s very good job
b. He is very smart                              d. Good test

5.   Icha  : Do you know our friend, Intan, won the English speech contest yesterday?
Ifah   : Really? ……………………!
Intan : Thanks a lot.
a. Congratulating you                         c. Congratulation on your success
            b.How are you today                          d. Well done

6.   Irfan     : I’m sorry I won’t come to your party. My mother is rather unwell
Indah   : ……………. I hope she will get better soon

a. Please, it’ll be great                                c. It’s OK
b.Oh no, do come                                       d. Don’t worry, just come

Dialog for number 7 up to 10

Dedy : Hello? Who is …. (7) ……, please?
Wury: It’s Wury. Can I …… (8)…… to Dedy?
Dedy : Yes, this is Dedy. What’s up?
Wury : I …….(9)…… Come to school this morning. Please tell me about the lesson. Is there any homework?
Dedy : The classes were OK. They were ……… (10)…… We enjoyed them. No homework.

7.          a. Called                                                                     c. call
b. Calling                                                                   d. calls

8.      a. See                                                                         c. speak
   b. Tell                                                                        d. hear

9.       a. Didn’t                                                                   c. will
    b.Did                                                                        d. can

10.     a.Frightening         b. boring                  d. interesting                 c. surprised


Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to my graduation party on Saturday, Juny 14th 2012 at 03.00 pm.
The party will be held at my house on Jl. Tanjung 18 Surakarta.
Without you it’ll be different.


11. What is the text about?
a.  An order
b. An request
c.  An greeting card
d.  An invitation

12. When does Albert except her friends to come?
a.  In the morning
b. In the afternoon
c.  In the evening
d.   At night

13. In what occasion is the party?
a. birthday
c. farewell
d.  wedding

Read the text and answer question number 14-16


There will be meeting in this week
The meeting will be held on:
Day / date      : Sunday December 15th,2011
Time               : 10 am - 2 pm
Place              : The hall of SMP Islamiyah Widodaren

Don’t be late and don’t miss it!

                                 Chair person

14. To whom is the announcement above?
         a. Students
         b. Chairman
         c. English teachers        
         d. English members

15. “Don’t miss it “.
What is the equal meaning of the word miss  in the sentence above?
a. Pass
c. Understand
d.       Remember

16. When will the class meeting start?
a. On December 14th , 2011
b.On December 15th, 2011
c. On December 16th, 2011
d.On December 18th, 2011

Read the text and answer the question number 17-18
To : Daddy

I’ve lost my money.
Please pick me up at school at 2 p.m
I’ll wait at the school gate

Your son


17. What does Dani want?
a. He wants his father wait him
b.He wants to stay at the gate
c. He wants to pick his father
d.He  wants his father pick him up

18. When does he want his father pick him up at the gate?
a. In the morning
b.In the evening
c. In the aftetrnoon
d.At night

19. This notice might be found in the following places, except …………

a. In a library
b.In a cafe
c. In a hospital
d. Inside a cinema


Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Lengkap Kunci Jawaban (Paket 2)

21. What is the advertisement about?
a. Lobster breeding
b.Fast food restaurant
c. New Restaurant
d.  Barbeque party


                  22. The word “soon” has the same meaning as …….
a. immediately
c. regularly
d. commonly

Read the text and answer the question number 23 - 26

A Wolf and a Crane

One day, a Wolf was eating his dinner. He was very greedy. He ate so quickly that a bone stuck in his throat. He had tried very hard to get it out, but all was in vain. Then, he went to the Crane said, “Good morning Crane. Will you help me to do something?”

“What help do you want of me?“ asked the Crane. “I have a bone stuck in my throat. You have a long bill and so you can draw it out“, said the Wolf. ”If you do that for me, I will give you a reward”.
“Let me try”, said the Crane. “It is not so difficult for me to do so”.

The Wolf, then, opened his mouth wide. The Crane put her bill in and drew out the bone. He did it very well.

“Now, you will give me your reward, please?”
The Crane asked the Wolf.

“Reward?”, said the Wolf. “Don’t talk about that you should be thankful to me. “Although you put your head into my mouth, I didn’t bite and eat you. What more do you want?”

23. Why did the Wolf go to the Crane?
a.    To ask for help
b.   To draw a bone in crane’s mouth
c.    To attend an invitation
d.   To give an information

24. “He had tried very hard to get it out”. The underlined word refers to …
a.    Bone stuck
b.   The crane
c.    A Wolf
d.   Throat

25. “ I will give you a reward”. The bold word means …..
a.   Punishment
b.   Present
c.    curse
d.   fine

26. What can we learn from the story?
a.    We must be grateful if someone help us
b.   We mustn’t trust someone easily
c.    We may ask a reward every time we help someone
d.   We may not forget someone’s kindness

27. What is the purpose of the text ?
a. to describe how A Wolf and a Crane
b. to tell the past event
c. to entertain or amuse the reader
d. to describe the factual data of the wolf in common

Read the text  and answer the questions number
28 - 33

A Trip to Bima

         Last year, I got a chance to join a student exchange program to Bima regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat. I flew with four other students. We were all from central Java.

            We arrived at Bima’s airport at two in the afternoon by Merpati airlines. I had never been on a plane before, so it was an exciting experience. When we arrived, a boy named Fahriel, had been waiting for us. His friendly father accompanied him. We then continued our journey to Fahriel’s village. The name of the village was Sape. It was a busy village on the tip of the island. I stayed for the whole month in Fahriel’s house.

            During the visit, I had different activities every day. In the morning, I came to Fahriel’s school and joined the school activities, but in the afternoon my activities varied.

            For the first week, I went to the beaches. Bima had the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. They were clean and had white sand.  We didn’ t have to pay any tickets to enter the beaches. It was free.

            In the second week, I joined the camping activities. It was great fun. Besides having scout activities, my friends and I also had dancing and singing performance. Our performed “Poco poco” dance and won the second prize.

28. From the text above we know that writer…                                                                               
a.    was a teacher
b.   was a student
c.    spent the whole week in Sape
d.   flew to Bima by Garuda airlines

29. Who did the writer’s meet at Bima’s airlines?
a.    Four students from Central Java
b.   Fahriel and his father
c.    Fahriel and a driver
d.   their teachers

30. “They were clean and had white sand”.     (paragraph 4)
 The word “they” refers to….
a.    Fahriel and the writer
b.   The writer and friends
c.    The beaches
d.   The places in Sape

31. How long did the writer in Bima regency?
a.    One week
b.   Two week
c.    Three week
d.   Four week

32. When did the  writer’s experience happen?
a.    Next year
b.   Last month
c.    More than  a year
d.    A year ago

33. What is the kind of the text?
a.    Recount text
b.   Descriptive text
c.    Narrative text
d.    Report text

Read the text  and answer the questions number
34 - 39

 Hi there ! My name is Nina . I’m 15 and I’m an SMP student. My brother is 20.
He’s a teacher. He likes playing chess. I can’t play chess and I don’t think it is interesting. I like playing table tennis. It’s my hobby beside reading and swimming. We have table set at home so I can practice a lot. My brother doesn’t like table tennis. We played several games after dinner last night. He didn’t play well but I did. I had a good time but he didn’t. He doesn’t like losing.

34. What does the story tell you about?
a. Nina
b. Hobbies
c. Nina’s brother
d. Nina’s

35. Who is Nina to her brother? She is his ………. brother
a. Little
b. Big
c. Older
d. Twin

36. What does Nina think about chess?
a. She can’t play it
b. She can play it
c. It’s her hobby
d. It’s very interesting

37. What did Nina and her brother do last night?
a. Playing chess
b. Reading
c. Playing table tennis
d. Swimming

38. Who won the game last night?
a. Nina
b. Her brother
c. No one
d. Both of them

39. “ We have a table set at home “ the underlined word is used to …..
a. Table tennis tool
b. Swimming suit
c. Chess board
d. Book collection

40. enterprivatedo thisnotroom
         1            2          3      4       5         6
a. 3-6-4-1-5-2
b. 3-5-1-4-2-6
c. 3-1-6-4-5-2
d. 3-6-1-4-5-2


41. Read the text and answer the questions !

Dear Rina,

Please come to my 14th birthday party on:
     Day/ Date    : Saturday, 28th November 2010
     Time            : 7 p.m.
     Place            : Eco Restaurant, JL  Gatot Subroto 25 Bandung
I really hope that you can come. There will be something missing without your presence.


a)  Whom the card is to?
b)   When is her birthday?
c)    What time is it?
d)   Where’s the party taken the place?

42. Read the text carefully and answer the questions !

I have a pet. It is a dog. I call it brownie. Brownie is a chinese breed. It is small , fluffy and cute short. It has tick brown fur. It’s fur is soft. Browniese does not like bones. Everyday it eats soft meals like steamed rice,fish,or birds. When I’m at school, brownie plays with my cat. They live together  and never fight. It is caused Brownie does not bark a lot. It treath the other animal in our house gently. Brownie is really sweet and friendly animal. I love my pets.

a. What do the brownie’s meals like?
b. They live together  and never fight. The underline word refers to .....
c. Why they never fight?
d. What is the text about?

43. Read the text and answer the questions !
Last week, I went to Yogyakarta with my family. My father drove the car. My mother sat beside him. My sister and I sat in the back seats.
We woke up early in the morning. My father prepared the car in the garage while mother was preparing food for breakfast and some snack for us. My sister and I packed some clothes. After everything got ready and we had our breakfast, we left the house at six o’clock.
It was about nine a.m. We arrived at Yogyakarta. First of all we visited our uncle. We stayed there for an hour. Then we went to Parangtritis beach. We got there at eleven. There were a lot of tourists there because it was a holiday. I saw many foreign visitors too. My parents watched us playing with sand in the beach. We did not swim and take a bath since the wave was rough. After having lunch, we went on our picnic to the museum and Malioboro shopping centre. We drove back to Semarang at 7 o’clock and arrived home at ten. We were tired but happy

a. What does the text tell us about ?
b. How long did the writer spend his holiday in yogyakarta?
c. Where did the writer’s sister see the foreigners?
d. “we left the house at six o’clock”.The underline word has the closest meaning with ... .

44.  a. Suddenly the rain fell down really hard.
b. I decided to take shelter under a sun shade.
c. But because of the strong wind, it flew away.
d. I was jogging along the beach on a windy day.
       The best arrangements for the sentences above is ………...

45. Rearrange the jumbled sentences below into a good paragraph!
1. One day, there was a big battle in that kingdom.
2. The queen was lucky because she could save her life by changing herself into a golden snail
3. Another day, an old woman saw the snail and took it home.
4. Once upon a time, there was a king in Java.
5. The king asked his queen to save her life.
6. In the middle of the jungle the enemies killed all the guards


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