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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2 Paket 1

I.     Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d!

1.   X : …………………
Y : Yes, please pass me the sugar
a.         Can I help you?
b.         Would you help me?
c.          What can he do?
d.         Who can help me?

2.   A : Can I use your laptop? I have to type a paper.
B : I’d love too, but …………….
a.         Certainly
b.         I am using it
c.          Here it is
d.         Surely

3. Lia : Humus makes the soil fertile
Tia : ……………. Without humus it is difficult to plant
a.         I disagree
b.         That’s true
c.          That’s wrong
d.         That’s not a good idea

4.  What is your opinion about Botanical garden in Bogor?
            a.   I think it is a suitable place for people to see rare plants
    b.   I don’t think so
    c.    The rose is very beautiful
    d.   I went there twice

5. Waiter       : What can I do for you?
Customer  : ……………………..
a.         Yes, please I want a bowl of noodle
b.         You are very beautiful
c.          Please, don’t bother
d.         I am sorry to hear that

6. A : Math is difficult subject. I can’t follow the lesson well
B : …………….. My mark is always under average.
a.         I disagree
b.         I agree with you
c.          I don’t think so
d.         Never mind

7. Shinta : Snakes are dangerous. We must kill them
Anton : ………. We must reserve rare animals
a.         Certainly
b.         I agree with you
c.          I would say that
d.         I disagree

8. X : He has ten in english test
Y : …………..
a.         Nice work
b.         It’s very good job
c.          Good test
d.         He is very smart

9. Rama : I’ll have an English test today
Rads  : …………….
a.         Good bye
b.         Congratulation
c.          Good luck
d.         Good job

10. X : Congratulation on your good English mark yesterday?
Y : ………………
a.         Thank you so much
b.         It’s look good
c.          Never mind
d.         Well done

Read the following text and answer questions 11-12
Saturday evening, 25 April 2010 at 07.00 p.m
in Niskala room, The Grand Pasundan Hotel Bandung
Kindly respond RSVP to Miss Dewi

11. “Kindly respond RSVP to Miss Dewi”
The sentence has similar meaning to ….
a.   We should not be late
b.   We may come with friend
c.   We have to confirm our arrival
d.   We must bring a birthday present

12.  What is the aim of the text above ?       
a. to ask someone join the writer’s birthday party
b. to join Miss Dewi’s birthday party
c. to have dinner party at Grand Pasundan Hotel Bandung
d. to visit a new room in a Hotel in Bandung.
Read the following text and answer questions 12-14
To: Fikri
Fikri, RU free this afternoon? If UR free, will U come 2 my clean house? There R Sheilla and Fira here. We’ll do our homework 2gether.
CU later.         

13. What will they do in Rose’s house ? They will …..
a. do their school assignment
b. submit their homework
c. clean Rose’s house         
d. pick Fikri up to Rose’s house
14. How many persons does Rose invite ?
a.      Two     c. Four
b.      Three   d. Five
Monday to Friday, Desember, 14th to 16th 2010, is Class Meeting “PORSENI”
Class Meeting is held to develop students’ talent and creativity at school. Therefore, each class must join it.
There are four competitions held in the Class Meeting.
They are          : Futsal Match*
English Debate Competition
                            Basketball Match,
                            and Dance Competition
The winners of the competition will recieve the prizes which will given on Saturday, December, 18th at the school hall. For further information, ask your class advisor.
*only boys can join the match

15. What game is the participant only boys ….
a.   English Debate Competition     
b.   Basketball Match
c.    Futsal Match
d.   Dance Competition

16.  What does the word debate in the sentence “English Debate Competition” (line 8)  mean ....
a.   Play       
b.   Compete
c.    Discuss
d.   Create

17.  When will the class meeting start?
a.   On December 14th , 2010
b.   On December 15th, 2010
c.    On December 16th, 2010
d.   On December 18th, 2010

18. There are four competitions held in the Class Meeting, except ………..
a.          English debate competition
b.         Futsal match
c.          Speech competition
d.         Dance competition

Dear Tina, May I wish you have  Lebaran  Day.
Please forgive all my mistakes Andi.

19. What does the text means?
a.   Andy and Tina have a nice Lebaran Day together
b.   Andy wants to have Lebaran Day with Tina
c.    Andy wishes Tina enjoyed her Lebaran Day
d.   Andy likes to have a nice Lebaran Day

20. To whom is the message sent?
a.    Andy
b.   Tina
c.    Andy and Tina
d.   Tina’s friend
Dear Joe and Sue,
Our deepest sympathies cause your grandmother passed away yesterday.
Please know that we are here for you.
With Love, Bill and Family.

21. What does the card mean? To show …..
a.   the care
b.   the happiness
c.    the sadness
d.   bad news

22. From the text we know that ….
a.   Joe and sue are sad
b.   Bill and family are joy
c.    Joe and Sue are pleasant
d.   Bill and family are happy

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2 Paket 1
Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2 Paket 1

What does ‘SAMA’ offer …
a. mending laptops               c. buying laptops
b.serving laptops            d. selling laptops

24. Replace your old laptop
The synonym of the underlined word is …
a.    change                    c. save
b.    use                           d. store

                                            Surakarta, June 21 2010
Jln. Mawar No. 30 12345
Dear Tina,
I’m sorry to inform you that the JAVA VAN CONCERT has been put off. Once the new date is confirmed you will be informed. Tickets will remain valid for re-scheduled show. Refund is obtainable.

If you have any further enquiries, feel free to come to Dim’s EO or contact us by       e-mail at : or call us at 08134567890


25. The text show about . . .
a.      The ticket of the concert are fully booked
b.      The asking of forgiveness for cancelling the concert
c.       The ticket won’t be valid for re-schedule of the concert
d.      The audience can’t ask their money back

26. How many persons are mentioned in the text?
a.      Two
b.      Three
c.       Four
d.      Five

27. “If you have any further enquiries . . .”
The underlined word means …………..
a.                              Ask for information
b.                              Get some problems
c.                               Have some difficulties
d.                              Need news

23-Jan – 2009 15:24
Nanda, I am so sorry.
I can’t come to your house this afternoon because my motorcycle is broken. Can we make it tomorrow morning ?
Option                           Reply                         Back

28. Why did the writer send the message ?
 Because .....
a.   To offer Nanda to fix his motorcycle.
b.   To inform Nanda that her motorcycle is broken down.
c.   To tell Nanda that she should cancel her plan to visit him.
d.   To Inform Nanda that she is so sorry about her motorcycle.

29.  How many time did the writer write the message ?
 a. 70 minutes                  
 b. 73 minutes
 c. 75 minutes
 d. 78 minutes

30. Pay attention to the following notice

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2 Paket 1

What does the notice above mean?
a.   The hotel is for animal    c. Animals are allowed here
b.   Dogs are welcome here   d. This is a free animal area

To: < Mia Sweet @>
Cc: Sintia<>
Date and time: December 27, 2010
Hi….Mia, there is good news for you, Goro Assalam will hold a book fair next Sunday until Wednesday. There will be some interesting book to buy. The list of the books has been already distributed. I’ll show it to you tomorrow if you come. All prices will be cut off unit 15%. It’s, fantastic, isn’t?
I plan to visit it. Will you join me? Please tell me soon.

31. What event will be held in Goro Assalam?
a.      A book fair
b.      A book distribution
c.       An interesting show
d.      A cut off price program
32.  How long will the book fair be held?
a.      Two days
b.      Three days
c.       Four days
d.      Five days

33. “ I’ll show it to you tomorrow”.
      What does the word “it” refer to?
      a.       A  book fair

      b.       The good news
      c.        The price of book
      d.       The list of the book

Read the text and answer the questions number 34-36!

My Friend
            I have a friend. Her name is Nina. Nina is very good and helpful student.
She is in year seven at Mondial Lower Secondary School. Her teacher is very proud of her because she is very good at Mathematics, English, and Science. Her friend often ask for her helps to solve math problem. All her friends and teachers like her.
            Now she is thirteen years old. She is tall. Her hair is long. She is not fat. She is diligent and kind. She is also very helpful to her friends.
            She like reading stories, cycling and playing badminton.

34. What kind of student is Nina?
a.   tall
b.   long hair
c.    good and helpful
d.   diligent and selfish

35. Her friends often ask for her help to solve math problem. The underline word has same meaning as…
a.   overcome
b.   work
c.    do
d.   face

36. Secondary school is the same as ……….. school
a.   lower
b.   higher
c.   junior
d.   senior

Read the text and answer the question number 37-39

Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
Gelora senayan is now called Gelora Bung Karno Stadium is named after Sukarno, Indonesia’s first president. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium is a multi-use stadium located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. It is mostly used for football matches.
            The main stadium in Gelora Bung Karno is capable to hold up to 100.000 people. It has been claimed as one of the largest capacity of all stadiums in the world. Gelora Bung Karno stadium is divided into 24 sectors and 12 entrances, and into upper and lower stands. Its special feature is the huge steel roof that forms a gigantic ring and protects the spectators from the heat.

37. Where is Gelora Bung Karno Stadium located?
a.  East Jakarta
b.  West Jakarta
c.  Central Jakarta
d.  South Jakarta

38.  “It has been claimed as one of the largest capacity ....”
The word “largest” refers to ....
a.    fastest
b.    highest
c.     smallest
d.    Biggest

39. From the text above, it can be concluded that the stadium of Bung Karno is used for ....
a.  playing football only
b.  athletics competition
c.  many kinds of sport
d.  ceremony

Read the text  and answer the questions number

A Trip to Bima
Last year, I got a chance to join a student exchange program to Bima regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat. I flew with four other students. We were all from central Java.
            We arrived at Bima’s airport at two in the afternoon by Merpati airlines. I had never been on a plane before, so it was an exciting experience. When we arrived, a boy named Fahriel, had been waiting for us. His friendly father accompanied him. We then continued our journey to Fahriel’s village. The name of the village was Sape. It was a busy village on the tip of the island. I stayed for the whole month in Fahriel’s house.
            During the visit, I had different activities every day. In the morning, I came to Fahriel’s school and joined the school activities, but in the afternoon my activities varied.
            For the first week, I went to the beaches. Bima had the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. They were clean and had white sand.  We didn’ t have to pay any tickets to enter the beaches. It was free.
            In the second week, I joined the camping activities. It was great fun. Besides having scout activities, my friends and I also had dancing and singing performance. Our performed “Poco poco” dance and won the second prize.

 40. From the text above we know that writer…                                                                               
a.   was a teacher
b.   was a student
c.    spent the whole week in Sape
d.   flew to Bima by Garuda airlines

41. Who did the writer’s meet at Bima’s airlines?
a.   Four students from Central Java
b.   Fahriel and his father
c.    Fahriel and a driver
d.   their teachers

42. “They were clean and had white sand”.     (paragraph 4)
 The word “they” refers to….
a.   Fahriel and the writer
b.   The writer and friends
c.    The beaches
d.   The places in Sape

43. How long did the writer in Bima regency?
a.   One week
b.   Two week
c.    Three week
d.   Four week

44. When did the  writer’s experience happen?
a.   Next year
b.   Last month
c.    More than  a year
d.   A year ago

45. What is the kind of the text?
a.   Recount text
b.   Descriptive text
c.    Narrative text
d.   Report text


To: Aditya.
I would like to invite you to my birthday party on Sunday, February, 28th, 2010 at
The party will be held at my house on Jl. Patimura 10 Ngawi, without you it’ll be different Sincerelly,                                                                                                                           

a)       Whom the card is to?
b)      When is her birthday?
c)      What time is it?
d)      Is it the morning or evening?
e)      Where’s the party taken the place?

a)       What does the notice mean?
b)      Where can you find the notice?

48.  Make a good message about dinner ! 
49.  Arrange the following jumbled words to make a   good

         invitesMr. Rukmantous anniversary partyhis
             1                  2             3      4              5              6         7

50. Read the text carefully!
My Family
My family is a happy family. There are four members in my family. They are my parents, my sister and me. My father is a teacher and he teaches English. My mother is a house wife and she takes good care of us. My sister is in primary three and I am in primary one.
My sister’s hobby is collecting coins. She has a good collection. My hobby is collecting stamps and I have a large collection of stamps.
On weekend, my family usually goes out together. We have lunch at a restaurant or a picnic at the seaside. My parents love us very much.
a)      Who works as a teacher?.
b)      “My mother is a house wife and she takes good care of us.”  ( Paragraph one line three) The synonym of the underlined phrase is … .
c)      The writer’s family usually goes out together  on ….

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