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Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester Ganjil

TAHUN PELAJARAN ....................
Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester Ganjil
Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester Ganjil

Mata Pelajaran   : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas / Program  : Twelfth grade of senior high school
Hari / Tanggal     :
W a k t u              : 90 menit

Text 1
Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around. Bicycles are quiet, fun to ride, and you don’t need gas or electricity to make them go. You just use the power of your legs. Bicycles have two wheels. One wheel is in front of the other. You swing your leg over the bike, sit down, and start pedaling.The heart of every bicycle is its frame. Most bicycles have frames made of thin metal tubes. The best frames are light and strong. A seat, called a saddle, is in the middle of the frame. You can make the seat higher or lower. Bicycle wheels usually have wire spokes. Spokes help the wheel keep its round shape. Inflatable tires fit on the wheels. The wheels have brakes for stopping. A bicycle has handlebars. You use the handlebars to steer and help you balance on two wheels. Most bikes have brake levers on the handlebars. You squeeze thelevers to make the breaks work. Pedals and a chain make a bike go. You put your feet on the pedals and push. The pedals go around and around. The turning pedals move a chain. The chain goes to the back wheel. The chain goes around a part called a cog. The moving chain makes the cog on the back wheel turn. Most bicycles have a gear shift attached to the frame or the handlebars. Bikes usually have 5 to 27 gears. Bicycle gears have a part called a derailleur. The derailleur shifts the chain to lower or higher gears. You use a lever to shift gears. You use low gears for going up a hill. You use high gears for going  faster, usually on flat roads or down hill.

1. What is mainly discussed in the text?
a. Bicycle and its main parts.
b. Bicycles are quiet and fun to ride.
c. Most bicycles have frames.
d. How to ride bicycle.
e. Bicycles don’t need gas.

2. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
a. The main parts of a bicycle.
b. The wheels of a bicycle.
c. The reason why we should buy a bicycle.
d. The reason why it is enjoyable to ride bicycle.
e. The heart of a bicycle.

3. Suppose you were riding a bicycle. What should you do to stop your bicycle?
a. Jump off from the bicycle.
b. Squeeze the levers to make the brakes work.
c. Turn off the ignition key.
d. Tread on the brakes quickly.
e. Keep on pedaling.

4. The best frames are light and strong. The antonym of the underlined word is...
a. bright    b. Dawn   c. dark   e. Weak   d. Heavy

5. What is the main idea of paragraph six?
a.  How a bicycle can move.
b. The pedals go around and around.
c. The turning pedals move a chain.
d. You put your feet on the pedals.
e. The chain goes to back wheel.

6. What should you do if your bicycle goes uphill?
a. Change into the higher gear.
b. Push the pedals harder.
c. Have it pulled.
d. Change the direction of the bicycle.
e. Change into the lower gear.

7. What is the function of the derailleur?
a. To move bicycle faster.
b. To make bicycle in balance.
c. To shift the chain to lower of higher gears.
d. To change the gear.
e. To turn the chain.

Text 2
You have heard a lot in praise of the Internet: A lot of good things have been said about the Internet: it allows people all over the world to communicate easily and it provides you with all kinds of information. As you are interested, you would like to start to be involved in it, but you do not know how to start to be involved in it, but you do not know how to start. The first thing you need is a computer. Those with pentium processors would be nice, but a 486 is enough. An IBM compatible or a Macintosh will do, but it must be equipped with a modem. The higher the modem speed is better. The minimum is 14.4 Kbps (kilobytes per second). You need a telephone line. If you don’t have one at home, you might be able to use the one at the office (naturally with the permission of your boss). This will be your connection to Cyber space. After you have all of the equipment, you need to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since 1994, the government has issued business licenses for 40 ISPs in Indonesia. Some of them, like the ones operated by IPTEK-NET and the Institute of Technology Bandung, are not for commercial use. Most of the ISPs operate in Jakarta, but some offer services in several other cities. PT Pos Indonesia, the state company which runs mail offices nationwide, provides services in 31 cities in the provinces. If you can’t find an ISP in your town, this does not necessarily mean that you can’t get connected to the internet. You will still be able to venture into Cyberspace, but you will have to pay more for the phone bills. This depends not only on how long you use the phone, but also how far the closest ISP office is from your place.

8. Which statement is TRUE according to text?
a. The modem speed must be 14.4 Kbps.
b. The Internet needs a special telephone.
c.  All ISPs are not for commercial purposes.
d. The Internet needs an IBM or Macintoshcomputer.
e. A computer can be connected to the Internet with the help of ISP.
9. The most important thing that you must have in order you to involve in the Internet is ...
a. a computer          d. IPTEK-Net
b. a cyberspace        e. the Internet kiosk
c. a license

10. The topic of paragraph five is about ..
a. the use of ISP        b. the operation of ISP
c. the service of ISP  d. the connection of ISP
e. the number of ISP

11.This will be your connection to Cyberspace.
´The underlined word means .....
a. joint                             d. recommendation
b. communication            e. combination
c. promotion

12. The Internet is much praised because
a. it gives more advantages than disadvantages.
b. it is the best cyberspace technology.
c. it is the quickest means of global communication.
d. it is the cheapest way of communication.
e. it needs only a modern of minimum speed.

Text 3
Canteen Assistant Wanted....
 A reliable hard working person, preferably with cookingexperience, is required to assist in the canteen of our modern expanding factory. Hours will be 8.30 to 2.00 property market, Monday to Friday. We offer $5820 p.a. plus commission $20 per week and good working conditions.
Ring or write to:
Mr. Warburg.W & C STAN Ltd. Bintaro Jaya sector 7 Jakarta, Tel. 456 7890

13. A canteen assistant will get net salary about ...per month.
a. $565            c. $5,900
b. $585            e. $5,840
c. $485

14. From the advertising, we know that ...
a. no experience is OK to apply.
b. only cook is required.
c. only experienced applicant in cooking is required.
d. only Diploma Graduate should apply.
e. good working applicant is required.

15. According to advertising
a. You must send your application to the factory informal writing.
b. You have to come and hand over your application.
c. You can’t make appointment for interview by phone.
d. Fax your application immediately.
e. You should be interviewed first, and then you write to Mr. Warburg.

16. We can conclude that .....
a. take this job and you will work like dog.
b. you have no time to take any courses because you are very busy.
c. Saturday and Sunday will be hard days for working.
d. you can still play football every afternoon with your friends.
e. Tuesday is a free days.

Text 4
Water pollution is really a problem for all people to solve. Solution to the problem «(17)« people to demonstrate their quality as responsible citizens. Individuals as well as their industries «(18)« that they should not do anything «(19)«. to the problem. Theymust handle wastes properly. They must not dump«(20)« substances, including chemical wastes, into the river or other public waterways. Furthermore, it is expected that everyone fully understands the «(21)« of recycling rubbish.

17. a. makes            d. brings
 b. helps              e. Requires
 c. encourages

18. a. will realize     d. are realized
      b. could realize  e. has realized
      c. must realize

19. a. contributing   d. is contributing
      b. to contribute  e. is contributed
      c. contributes

20. a. harmful          d. Awful
      b. useful             e. Skillful 
      c. beautiful

21. a. problem          d. Cause
      b. danger            e. Disadvantage
      c. importance

22. The young lad went back to the store and got another meal. The word “lad” means ...
      a. mother            d. father 
      b. girl                  e. beggar         c. boy

23. He’s very sun burnt and healthy. He spends a lot of time...
      a. out of control  d. out of work
      b. out of order     e. out of breath  
      c. out of date

24. As soon as you are sure, try to get in truck with me, would you please?
The underlined phrase can be substituted by...
      a. assist me          d. hold my hand
      b. contact me       e. go to my house
      c. provoke me

25. ..... is necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth.
       a. It is calcium           b. That calcium   
       c. Calciumd.              d. although  calciume.
       e. even though calcium

26. Almost everyone falls ......  on the first try.
a. in passing the driver’s test
b. to past the driver’s test
c. to have pass the driver’s test
d. past the driver’s teste.
e. pass the driver’s test

27. Joe is going to study from 7 o’clock until 10 o’clock this evening. So at 8.30 this evening he .....
a. will study                 d. studies
b. will be studying       e. study
c. is studying

28. Marco fell off  the ladder while he ..... the ceiling.
a. will paint                  d. was painting
b. will be painting        e. painting
c. is painting

29. The swimming bath 9.00 and 8.30 everyday     a. open - close
b. opens - closes
c. will open - close
d. would open - would close
e. is opening - is closing

30. I don’t mind where we go. Let’s just ...... about Senayan Park for a while.
       a. voyage                        d. go
       b. wonder                        e. Look       c. wander 

31. “Can you describe the man?” The policeman asks ...
a.  if I could describe the man
b.  whether I can describe the man
c.  that you could describe the man
d.  that the lady could describe the man
e.  to that you can describe the man

32. Hannah is very skillful violist. The sentence means..
a. Hannah is not interested in playing violin.
b. Hannah has a violin.
c. The violin belongs to Hannah.
d. Hannah is able to play violin very well.
e. Hannah feels that she knows the violin.

33. A : To tell you the truth, ......
 B : Yes, you should have been careful with your words.
a. I’m deeply regretful of making that silly mistake.
b. I have gone to Belgium for many times.
c. I honestly regret to have done so to Kimberly
d. a and c are correct.
e. None is correct.

34. A : Would there be any possibility for me to take the position?
 B : ....
a. Well, I’m not sure about that.
b. I am not certain you are capable of having the post
c. I know you have the ability to have the position.
d. It is possible that you’ll take it.
e. All are correct.

35.  A : I think what you did was crazy, Jim.
  B : ......
a. I know it was a mistake. I am so sorry.
b. Sorry, I didn’t have any money.
c. I forgot to take my umbrella.
d. I’m sorry, but I’m using it now.
e. Could it be you again who did it?

36. A : Sam, ......
      B : Sorry Dean, I’ve promised to see Jessica.
a. Do you mind if I used your cell phone?
b. Pass me the salt, please.
c. Would you mind accompanying me to the bank today?
d. Can you be silent for a moment?
e. That sounds like a good suggestion.

37. A : So what is our goal?
      B : ......
a. I have no idea, really.
b. We strongly hope to get the highest reward in the contest.
c. The problem is out of my reach.
d. Under any circumstances, I disagree with that.
e. What do you think I am supposed to be?

38. He has been sitting in the library every night ..... the last four months.
     a. since            d. for 
     b. until             e. About        c. before

39. I am worried about the exam, and ....
     a. also is he     d. so he does   b. so is he
     e. he is either   c. he is also

40. I am now ....... tea without sugar.
     a. accustomed to drink    
b. accustomed to drinking
     c. have the custom to drink
     d. accustoming in drinking
     e. to be accustomed to drink

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

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