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Present Continuous Tense | Pengertian, Rumus dan Contoh Present Continuous Tense

Pengertian Present Continuous Tense
Present Continuous Tense adalah bentuk waktu ( tense) yang digunakan untuk menyatakan perbuatan yang sedang dilakukan pada saat berbicara. Rumus dasar dari Present Continuous Tense adalah Subject + To be + V-ing. To be yang digunakan untuk Present Continuous Tense adalah is, am, are.
Present Continuous Tense | Pengertian, Rumus dan Contoh Present Continuous Tense
Present Continuous Tense | Pengertian, Rumus dan Contoh Present Continuous Tense
Rumus Present Continuous Tense
(+) S + to be (is,am,are) + V-ing + O+ keterangan waktu.
(-) S + to be (is,am,are) + not + V-ing + O+ keterangan waktu
(?) To be (is,am,are) + S + V ing + O+ keterangan waktu ?
Yes, S + to be (is,am,are)
No, S + to be (is,am,are) + not

Contoh :
(+) We are studying English now.
(-) We aren't studying English now
(?) Are we studying English now?
Yes, we are
No, we are not

1.    Kalimat menyangkal (negative)
Kalimat menyangkal (negative) dibentuk dengan menambahkan "not" sesudah to be (am not, is not/isn't, are not/aren't) dan ditempatkan sesudah subjek kalimat.
Contoh :
a.    Mary is not/isn't typing the monthly report.
b.    The students are not/aren't studying English in the classroom.
c.    I'm not/ am not preparing a minute of meeting.
2.    Kalimat tanya (interrogative)
Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement) dibentuk dengan menempatkan to be (is, am, atau are) di depan kalimat. Dalam kalimat tanya to be "am, is, atau are" artinya "apakah".
Contoh :    
a.    Are you doing your homework?
b.    Is your father still working in the office?
c.    Are the children playing in the garden?
3.    Kesesuaian subject dan auxiliary verb di tenses ini adalah sebagai berikut :
a.    AM digunakan oleh subject I.
b.    IS digunakan oleh subject she, he, dan it.
c.    ARE digunakan oleh subject you, we, dan they.

Penggunaan Present Continuous Tense
1.    Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang sedang terjadi atau berlangsung saat kita sedang bicara
a.    My brother is painting the house.
b.    Please be quiet! The baby is sleeping.
c.    Listen! The neighbors are quarrelling again.
2.    Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang bersifat sementara (temporary).
a.    I am living with my friend until I can find a house.
b.    This machine is not working well.
c.    John is living in his friend's flat at the moment.
d.   David is always busy because he is working on his thesis.
3.    Present  continuous  tense  digunakan  tamtuk  menunjukkan suatu keadaan atau situasi yang berubah-ubah.
a.    The population of Indonesia is rising very fast.
b.    Our economic situation is already very bad and it  is getting worse.
c.    The cost of living  is increasing. Every month things are dearer.
4.    Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang akan dilakukan di waktu yang akan datang dan telah direncanakan atau ditentukan sebelumnya.
a.    I   am  meeting  my  father  at  the  station  tomorrow morning.
b.    We are holidaying in Europe next month.
c.    My  father   is  having  a  meeting  with  his  staff tomorrow morning.
5.    Beberapa   kata   kerja   tidak   digunakan   dalam   present continuous tense. Kita tidak boleh mengatakan, "I am liking mango very much," tapi kita harus mengatakan, "I like mango very much." Beberapa kata kerja yang tidak digunakan daIam present continuous tense adalah:
a.    kata  yang  menyangkut  pancaindera  :  see,  hear,  notice, recognize.
b.    kata-kata  yang  menyangkut  emosi  :  want,  desire,  smell, notice, forgive, wish, care, like, hate, adore, dislike.
c.    kata-kata yang menyangkut pikiran : think, feel, realize, understand, know, mean, suppose, believe, expect, remember, recollect, forget, recall, trust, mind.
d.   kata-kata yang menyangkut milik : own, belong, possess.
e.    kata-kata  kerja  seperti  :  seem,  signify,  appear,-  contain, consist, keep, concern, matter
Contoh :
a.    I am knowing her well. (Poor)
I know her well.  (Good)
b.    I am understanding what you are meaning (Poor)
I understand what you mean. (Good)

Kata/frase dan kata keteranga waktu yang biasa digunakan dalam present continuous tense
a.    Now  : Sekarang
b.    At present : Sekarang Ini .
c.    At this moment : Pada Saat Ini
d.   Right now : Sekarang Ini
e.    Still : Masih
f.     Look : Lihat
g.    Listen : Dengarkan

Latihan Soal
A.  Put the following sentences into present Continuous. Use the words in parentheses!
1.    One of my assistants … (correct) the financial report.
2.    Some of them … (work) in the factory.
3.    The two men … (discuss) their new plans.
4.    The girl … (take) something in that room.
5.    My assistant … (analyze) their proposal in his room.
6.    She … (talk) to one of our regular customers in that room.
7.    My friend… (Park) his car beside that building.
8.    The mechanic… (Repair) my car in my garage.
9.    One of them … (try) to open the door.
10.     They … (do) their English exercises in the classroom.

B.  Change the following sentences into negative!
1.    My accountant is calculating the total expenses we need.
2.    My little sister is returning the books to the library.
3.    The guests are having lunch with my supervisor.
4.    John is paying the food he ordered.
5.    My supervisor is still training some new employees in the training room.

C.  Change the following sentences into interrogative!
1.    She is doing something in the meeting room.
2.    The investors are calling all mechanical staffs in London.
3.    Billy is reporting to his boss in the head office.
4.    Brenda is recording all today's transactions.
5.    The receptionists are still talking to one of my guests.

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