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Latihan Soal Ujian Akhir Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA Semester 1

Latihan Soal Ujian Akhir Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA Semester 1

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a,b,c,d or e on your answer sheet.
Text 1.
Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz
            Long, long ago, mosquitoes didn’t buzz, they talked and talked.
            One day, Mosquito was talking to Iguana, telling her about his vacation, about every-minute of his vacation. Mosquito would not let Iguana say  one word. Iguana was  so annoyed that she walked away, leaving Mosquito still talking. Iguana grumbled and waved her tail.
            She was still grumbling when she passed her friend Snake, and forgot all about saying hello. Snake was feeling hurt. He felt so sad that he slithered down a rabbit’s hole.
            “Help!” yelled Rabbit as she scurried out hole, terrified of Snake.
            “What’s wrong ?” cawed Crow as he saw  Rabbit racing. Danger must be near . “Run for your lives!” cawed Crow.
            Monkey heard Crow’s warning and took off through the treetops, leaping branch to branch. When monkey landed on Owl’s branch, high up in a leafy tree, Owl’s nest tipped off the branch and fell to the ground, breaking Owl’s eggs. Owl was heartbroken, so much that she didn’t hoot for the sun to come up.
            The whole jungle  was mad at Mosquito. Finally Owl hooted for the sun to come up and when it did  Mosquito lost his voice. All he could do was buzzing in everyone’s ears. “Zzzzzzzzzzzz! Is everyone still mad at me !”.

01. The text above belongs to….
a. Anecdote                            
c. procedure                           
e. description
b. spoof                                              
d. narrative

02. What tense does the text above mostly use?
a. Present tense                                  
c. Present future                     
e. Past continuous
b. Past tense                           
d. Present perfect

03. What did Monkey do to the Owl’s eggs?
a. Monkey broke the Owl’s eggs when he was on the branch.
b. Monkey climbed on Owl’s tree when he heard Crow’s warning.
c. Monkey damaged Owl’s nest when he climbed the tree.
d. Monkey fell on the Owl’s eggs when he climbed the tree.
e. Monkey made the Owl’s nest fall when he landed on Owl’s branch.

04. Why did Iguana grumble?
a. Because Mosquito told him about his vacation.
b. Because Iguana was annoyed so he walked away.
c. Because Mosquito wouldn’t allow him to say a word.
d. Because Mosquito talked and talked.
e. Because Iguana waved her tail.

05. She was still grumbling when she passed , Snake ….The underlined word refers to….
a. Iguana                                            
c. Owl                                    
e. Snake
b. Mosquito                                        
d. Rabbit

06. Finally Owl hooted for the sun to come up and when it, Mosquito lost his voice. The words come up have the same meaning with……
a. miss                                    
c. set                                       
e. wake up
b. disappear                            
d. arise

Text 2.
            Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. It has a population of six million, the largest of any urban center in the Southeast Asia. It is located on the alluvial plain of Ciliwung River in northwestern Java. The city is coextensive with its metropolitan area, Jakarta Raya and forming a special capital region. The city has expanded from the Kota, or Old city and now includes the modern port of Tanjung Priok.
            The majority of the city’s residents are Moslem from west, central and east Java. In the last 30 years, heavy in-migration, primarily from the densely populated areas of Java, has encountered for much of the rapid growth. Jakarta is the major industrial and commercial center in Indonesia with textiles and food processing among its more important industries. 
            Jakarta’s port is the nation’s center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia Culture, houses both domestic and overseas flights.
            Jakarta is also the cultural center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia culture houses both ancient and modern works art.
            The University of Indonesia and nine private universities are located here.
            Jakarta was settled as a trading center by Hindus and Buddhist from India about 15th century. The Portuguese dominated the area in the 14th century, but they were ousted by the Sultan of Bantam in 1527. He named the city Jayakarta, meaning “glorious fortress”.
07. What  does the text above belong to ?
a. Report                                            
c. narrative                             
e. explanation
b. Description                         
d. exposition

08. What tense does the text above mostly use?
a. present tense                                   
c. past tense                            
e. present future tense
b. present continuous tense                
d. present perfect tense

09. Where is Jakarta located?
a. in the metropolitan area                  
c. the Kota or Old city                       
e. in northwestern Java
b. Tanjung Priok                                 
d. on the alluvial plain of Ciliwung River

10. The majority of the City’s residents are Moslems ……….(Prg 2, first sentence). The word “ residents” has the same meaning with…..
a. citizens                                           
c. persons                               
e. human
b. people                                             
d. population

11. Which of the following statements is not true?
a. the port of Tanjung Priok belongs to the city now.
b. Jakarta is the largest urban center in Southeast Asia.
c. Jakarta is the major industrial and commercial center.
d. Sultan of Bantam ousted Hindus and Buddhist.
e. Most of residents are Moslems from west, central and east Java.

12. When did Jakarta begin as a trading center?
a. in 1527                                           
c. in the 5th century               
e. in 1945                               
b. in the 14th century             
d. in the 15th century

13. The Portuguese dominated the area in the 14th century, but were ousted by Sultan of Bantam in 1527. The word “they” refers to…..
a. Hindus                                            
c. Dutch                                 
e. Moslems
b. Buddhists                           
d. Portuguese

Text 3.
English Custom
            This anecdote is about two Indians settled in England. One had been living there for some years and had picked up some of their quaint euphemisms. The other, a recent settler, was as yet unaware of them. They were invited for dinner by their English friends. After they had had their drinks, their hostess asked them, “Would you like a wash before I serve dinner?”.
            The knowledgeable one replied,” No, Thanks”. The new settler replied, “I wash my hands before I came.”.
On their way back after dinner, the older settler admonished his friend,” My dear chap, in England “ Would you like a wash” does not mean “Would you like to wash your hands.” It is a polite way of asking “ would you like to urinate?”. The new settler made a mental note of it.
Some days later he was invited by another English friend and after he had his drinks he was asked by his hostess: “Would you like a wash before I serve my dinner?”.
He replied promptly,” No, thank you, madam. I washed against a tree before coming to your house.”
14.  X  : What is the type of the text above?
       Y  : It is …………..
a. Narrative                                        
c. anecdote                             
e. argumentation
b. Description                                     
d. exposition

15.  X  : How many people are there in the text ?
       Y  : There are …………….people.
a. Two                                                
c. four                                     
e. six
b. Three                                                          
d. five

16.  X  : The crisis is different perception or idea toward something . What is the crisis in the text?
       Y  : The misunderstanding of cultural meaning of ………..
a. English custom                               
c. the meaning of “ a wash”.  
e. the service of dinner
b. Two settlers                                    
d. the meaning of urinate

17. X   : The new settler made a mental note of it. What does “ it “refer to…
      Y   : “It” refers to ………
a. no thanks                                        
d. would you like to urinate   
b. I washed my hands before  I came
e. the advice of the old settler
c. My dear chap

18.  X  : What kind of party is it in the text?
       Y  : It is ………….
a. dinner party                                    
c. wedding party                    
e. evening party
b. birthday party                                            
d. tea party
19. The phrase “ made a mental note “ has the same meaning with……..
a. Say                                                 
c. recognize                            
e. record
b. Write                                                          
d. remember

20. The next morning Snow White ran away from home when her uncle and aunt were having breakfast. The opposite of the underlined words is….
a. walked away                                              
c. looked for                           
e. stayed home
b. took                                                
d. went out

21. The girl was very tired and hungry then she saw this little cottage. The word “little cottage” have the similar meaning with…….
a. nice small house                                         
c. hut                                      
e. little house  
b. little villa                                                    
d. small bungalow

22. Ari             : Have you met my new neighbour?
      Andi          : Not yet, By the way, hoe does he look like?
      Ari             : Really? Oh, He is ………..
a. an old Balinese big cheerful man   
d. a cheerful big old Balinese man     
b. an old big cheerful Balinese man            
e. a cheerful old big Balinese man.
c. a big cheerful  old Balinese man

Complete the following story by provided words (23-27).
            Once upon a time  there was a fox. He was very hungry. He was in search of………….(23) here and there. At last he reached a garden. There he saw bunches of grapes……….(24) on a tree. His mouth began to water. He went……….(25) the tree. He wanted to get the grapes but the grapes…………..(26) very high from the ground. He ……..(27) again and again to have some grapes. At last he was tired so he went away saying, “ The grapes are sour, they are not worth eating.”.

a. food                                                
c. plant                                               
e. family
b. animal                                                         
d. friend

a. climbing                                                      
c. taking                                 
e. breaking
b. hanging                                                      
d. landing

a. above                                                          
c. on
e. out
b. in                                                                
d. under

a. is                                                                 
c. are                                       
e. were
b. am                                                  
d. was

a. ran                                                  
c. sat                                       
e. looked for
b. jumped                                                       
d. walked

28. X   : May we smoke here ?
      Y   :No,… not allowed in the cinema.
a. to be smoking                                             
c. having smoked                   
e. being smoke
b. smoke                                                         
d. smoking

29. They print most scientific books in England.
       The passive from of the sentence is …….
a. Most of scientific books is printing (by them) in England.
b. Most of scientific books are printed (by them) in England.
c. They printed most scientific books in England
d. They are printing most scientific books in England.
e. Most scientific books printed in England.

30. Fani           : What were you doing at 08.00 last night?
      Shinta        : I …. My homework in my room.
a. will be doing                                              
c. is done                                
e. will do
b. was doing                                       
d. will have been done

31. A   : Did she tell her name to you?
     B    : Yes, she ……….me her name after I ……….her twice.
a. tells, asked                                      
c. told, had asked                   
e. tells, was asking
b. told, asked                                     
d. tell, was asked

32. After he had finished his work, he went home.
     We can also say: ………………..his work, he went home
a. finish                                                          
c. finished                              
e. having finish
b. to have finished                                         
d. having finished

33. Dani, …………car will be sold , came here this morning.
a. which                                                          
c. whom                                 
e. whose
b. when                                                          
d. who

34. Linda         : Did you see the man …………….wears black hat?
      Iswanti      : Yes, He just crossed the street.
a. when                                                           
c. whose                                 
e. what
b. which                                                         
d. who

35. The house ………….Charles had lived when he was a child was on the right of the lake.
a. which                                                          
c. who                                    
e. what
b. where                                                         
d. whom

36. Atza          : What do you think about our new headmaster?
      Dany         : He must be able to bring some surprises and improvement for us.
      This means that Dany gives his expression of ………………   
a. surprise                                                       
c. request                                
e. regret
b. opinion                                                       
d. preference

37. Salsa          : I lost my hand phone
      Siti             : That’s too bad.
       The italic utterance expresses……………
a. disappointment                                           
c. regret                                  
e. sympathy
b. offer                                                           
d. agreement

38. Anissa       : Studying English is just to waste time and money.
     Umi            : I completely …………with you. I think studying English is very useful for our life.
a. disagree                                                      
c. agree                                   
e. see no points to reject your idea
b. that’s good luck                                         
d. that’s terrible

39. Rizky         : Hi, Afrizal. What are you doing?
      Afrizal       : I’m sweeping the yard, but actually I hate to do it.
      It means that Afrizal …..
a. likes sweeping                                            
c. loves sweeping                   
e. interested of sweeping
b. dislikes sweeping                                       
d. very fond of sweeping.

40. Meita         : Which one do you prefer swimming or cycling ?
      Fatih          : …………………
a. I prefer cycling from swimming                 
d. I prefer cycling better than swimming
b. I prefer cycle than swim                            
e. I prefer cycling than swimming
c. I prefer cycling  to swimming        

II. Essay
41. Combine these two sentences, use the relative pronoun.
a. The man is my teacher.
b. We are waiting for him

42. Change this sentence into passive voice.
- The doctor should give Mary blood transfusion

43. Arrange these words into good phrase.
-Miss Yuli – is - teacher – a – English – beautiful –slim.

44. Complete the following dialogue.
      A   : What do you think about “ Si Doel Anak Betawi?”.
      B   : ……………………………………exciting
      A   : How can you like it ?
      B   : ……………………………………………………

45. Write  apart  of short  summary on Freddie Mercury’s life. Use the following notes given.
-born on September 5th in Zanzibar
-parents – Bomi and Jer Bulsara – Persian
-1974/moved to India/attended St Peter’s English boarding school in Panchgani outside Bombay.
-At school/talented student/ good at art and sports.
-Took a piano course

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