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Pidato Bahasa Inggris: The important of The fan or air conditioner in our classroom

Assalamu’alaikum. wr.wb.

Dear honorable my English teacher who always give me the right guidance,
And Dear honorable all of my beloved classmates,

Firstly, let’s thanks to god because we have been given health so we can gather here to do our duties as a student.

Secondly, sholawat and Salam may always be given to our great prophet Muhammad saw that has brought us into modern era like this.

Thirdly, I would like to say thanks to the Master of ceremony which has given me the time to deliver my speech in this our beloved classroom.

In this right time, I would like to present the speech by the title “The important of The fan or air conditioner in our classroom”.

Ladies and gentlemen!
Do you feel hot now?
Can you imagine, how comfort if we are in the classroom that has a fan or air conditioner? We will feel comfort to study; we will not feel hot anymore. We will enjoy our studying like in a forest, isn’t it? Oh my god, how cool this class is!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Sometime we feel angry when we can’t do our duty well. We will feel disappointed when we can’t reach the good mark in our every exam. Do you think so? Actually we have done the best for our studying. We always study hard, come to school on time and pay the attention to our teacher’s explanation. But, why do we always feel disappointed when we get the good marks? What factor can make us like that? In my opinion, there are two factors can make our marks always good. There are Intern factor and extern factor.
The intern factor is involves our health condition, our desire to always study hard, our attention to our teacher’s explanation and so on. And then for the external factor involves the condition of our classroom. We will be able to study maximally if our classroom is clean, we will be able to study maximally if our classroom is not hot.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Let’s study hard! Let’s reach our better future! And let’s make our classroom clean and always fresh in order to we be able to study maximally!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
So, what must we do now? Let’s suggest our teacher to install our classroom fan or air conditioner in order to we be able to study comfort. By doing that, I am sure we will proud to ourselves because we will always be able to reach good mark in our every exam.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We must start to think our future since now. Ok, my friends, I think my speech enough here, I hope you can reach the advantages from my delivering speech. Thank you for your attention, I am sorry if I had mistakes from my delivering speech. I just common human being that have many mistakes.

Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb.