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Drama Bahasa Inggris: Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived with her child, the child names Malin Kundang. He has suitable name by his daily life. He just has one clothes all in his life, and, now, it was so dirty and “kundang”, like his names Malin Kundang.

They lived in a small village, its called Wakatobi. Wakatobi is a small village where every’s people lived by farming and sailing. Malin Kundang was so naughty, and all people in the village was hated him, because of that.

One day,, his mother(kalambe) was really shy. There are some people came in her home and complaind about Malimg’s naughty. Kalambe, The mother was really angry with Malin, and chase away Malin from their house.

Khadijah     : Heyyy,, Malin,, get out,, get out from ur house
Kalambe     : What?? What had happened khadijah?? What’s  the matter??
Khadijah     : What’s the matter??? Don’t you aware?? You are the worst mother in the world, kalambe. Do you know, what have you kid do in outside?
Kalambe     : What’s wrong?? What have my little kid do???
Khadijah     : He was so naughty,, are u know?? Yesterday,, he had stealed my handphone.. Do you know that??
Kalambe     : What??? I never know that,, and I never teach him to do that
I’m so sorry khadijah.. I don’t know. I’m so sorry.. So, what now??
Khadijah     : Now, I want you to grumble Malin. You hear it??
Kalambe     : Ok,, khadijah,, I’m so sorry,, and soon, I will grumble Malin because of it.

After got complain,, kalambe was so sad and really angry. And at night,, Malin was back to
the home.

Kalambe     : Malin Kundang,, come here
Malin        : Yes, mom. But, I’m really tired today.
Kalambe     : What??? Tired?? Tired because what?? Because steal.. hhahhahha.. what a naughty boy..
Our neighbour,, khadijah told me that you have stole her handphone.
Malin        : What?? Are u kidding me?? Khadijah handphone was so bad, you know??
Nobody want to steal it..
Kalambe     : What?? Bad?? Hey,, don’t try to lie me,, you’re so naughty boy. I can’t hold all this contemtible anymore. I think,, it wannabe better if you never born in this world,, you know??
Malin        : hah?? Are u sure?? So what now? What do you want to me now??
Kalambe     : Hmm.. I want you get out from this house. Get out now.
Malin        : No.. Don’t chase me from my house. This is my home,, not yours..
Kalambe     : Hey,, it is mine,, not yours.. so, get out now,, get out from my home.. (push and strike Malin)

Malin was so angry,, and finally,, he got  out from the home. But in outside was midnight and rain so hard. Malin was so confused, and not know where will he go. After talk in a few hour, finally, he saw a big ship was landed in the harbour, and go there and take shelter there.

A few minutes later, he was sleepy, and then, he is sleeping. While he was sleep, the storm is happening. The ship was drift by waves.

In tomorrow morning, he woke up and shocked, because he was in nice room. It’s looks the room in the castle.

Malin  : where is it?? Where am I??
King      : Oh,, you already wake up. You look so confused, Do you want to know about what happened to you?
Malin  : Yes, I wanna know, what had happened to me?
King      : There was storm last night, and I have found you in the beach.
Malin  : Storm?? Beach???  Oh, who are you??
King      : Yes,, I’m the king of this town. My names King William.
Malin   : So, what town is it?
King      : It’s called Bau-Bau town.
Malin   : Bau-Bau? Where is that??
King       : I can’t tell you right now,, it will have a long time if I tell u now. So, don;t thinking more about that, you just easy and be happy. So, lets take breakfast with me now.
Malin  : Ok, my lord, thank u very much

While taking breakfast, the king was told about his daughter. His daughter was named snow white. But, what a pity thing happened, snow white was lost when they take a picnic in the jungle.  There are many prize contest that the king already make. But no one cand found the princess. So that, the king ask Malin to looked for Snow White. And Malin agree to do that. And finally, Malin go to seek the princess in the jungle.

Malin  : Ohh.. today was so hot. Where can I find the orincess?
Hensel  : Oh, of course old brother? What do you want to know?
Malin  : Have you ever see the girl who looks like a princess in this jungle?
Hensel  : Emm,, I think ya… But??
Malin  : But what? What’’s wrong?
Gretel   : I think she was caged by the enchanter.
Malin  : Enchanter??  What do you mean??
Gretel   : Ok, I’ll tell you. There is a small house in this jungle, made from chocholate, ice cream, candies, and other cake. That is the enchanter’s house. And, we ever entered there and almost get caught by the enchanter too.
Malin  : And you see the princess there??
Gretel   : Yes, I still be able to see a beutiful girl in the cage.
Malin  : In the cage? So, where can I find that house?
Hensel  : It’s over there, just straight, and behind that tree, you will see it.
Malin  : Okay, thank you,,

So, finally, Malin know where does he can find the princess. And he go to the enchanter house, and see the enchanter. But he think, of course, he can’t enter to that house easily. So, he thinking hard, and finally, he can get the best solution. He will enter in that house by pass off as the getting lost one.
Malin        : Excuse me, grand mother, I was getting lost. And I really tired. Can I take a rest here?
Enchanter   : Hi.. hi.. hi.. of course,, boy. Sit down, please. Take it easy.
Malin        : Thank you, grandmother.
Enchanter   : You’re welcome. So, do you want a drink.
Malin        : I really thanks for that.
Enchanter   : Ok, wait a minute.
Malin        : Certainly

While the enchanter going to take a drink, Malin was entered to the house and looking for the princess. And he finally find her.

Snow white  : who are you? What do you want?
Malin          : I’m Malin. I come here to make you free, your father asked me.
Snow white  : Really? Thanks god. Ok, quickly. Let me go out from here. But, wait. How can i believe you? I never see u before.
Malin          : please believe me. I come here to save you.
Snow White : No. I don’’t know who you are. And i will not go with you. I stay here and, you, get out from here.

Malin was confused, how can he save the princess while she not believe him. So, he back to his chair and thinking. A few minutes later, he get the solution. And, he will pass off as the enchanter and hypnotizing the princess.

Malin(Enchanter) : Hello, beautiful princess. How are you today? I know that you  really hungry. So I come here, and bring this fresh apple tou you.
Snow White            : Thank you, enchanter. It’s not usual that you become kind to me today.

And while Malin give the apple, he try to hypnotizing the princess.

Malin (Enchanter) : Look at my eyes. And more deep, more deep
Snow White          : what are you ……
Malin (Enchanter) : okay, now, follow what am I say. You got it?
Snow White             : ok, enchanter.

After make free the rpincess, Malin and the princess go back to the castle. As the thanks, The King marriage The Princess with Malin. Of course, Malin was so happy and can’t believe that. And after some days after married,,

Snow white  : Malin, now, we have already married. But, I don’t know mnay thing about you.
Malin          : It’s not important my princess. You didn’t need it.
Snow white   : What? Of course, I need it. Where do you  come from, Malin?
Malin          : I’m from a town that it is so far from here. So, you’ll never want to go there
Snow white   : Of course, I want, I really want to know ur come from, especially ur family.
Malin           : But, I have no family anymore. I just lived alone.
Snow white    : Really??
Malin           : Yes, its right, its impossible if I lie you.
Snow white    : Hmm.. okay, I trust you.
Malin           : Ok, my princess. I need to go now. See u
Snow white    : See you too..

After Malin’s go, the princess was thinking more. She really want to know about family and identity of her husband. So, she command the solder to looked for know about Malin’s family and identity.
Three days later, the solder was back and tell to the princess that he has know where Malin’s live before.

Solder           : Excuse me, my princess, I back now after three days ago, and I want to report you about Malin’s town.
Snow white   : So, what you get?
Solder           : Princess, Malin was lived in the small town, it is Wakatobi. He lived with his mother before.
Snow white   : Mother? But, ha had say to me that he has no family anymore.
Solder            : But, my princess, it is the information that I get.
Snow white    : Okay, thank you for that.
Solder             : Let me go out, princess. Excuse me.

Princess was confused and little angry, because Malin was lie with her. So that,  she go to meet with Malin and talking about this.

Snow white     : Malin Kundang, I already know about you town, ur life, and ur family.
Malin             : What  do you mean, my princess?
Snow white     : I know that u lived in Wakatobi, a small town.
Malin             : Wait, how u can know that?
Snow white   : It’s not important, how do I know, now, I want to go there and meet with your family.
Malin             : Family? I had say to you that I have no one family anymore.
Snow white   :  You have lie me.. according information I have get, you live with your mother.
Malin             : What?
Snow white   : Enough, you not need to explain it to me. In essential, tomorrow, we will go there.

Malin was so confused, what will be do now. And tomorrow, they finally go to Wakatobi by ship. After take a journey in a few hour, they arrived and tie up on the harbour. Every people was so surprised when they look Malin and Snow White go out from the ship.

Villagers I        : Oh my God, that’s Malin Kundang, the naughty boy
Villagers II       : And who is the beutiful girl?
Villager I          : I think, she is Malin’s wife. He has a beautiful wife, and now, he havebeen a richman
Villagers II       : Really? Come on, hurry, go, and tell every one that Malin Kundang already back and become a richman. And I will go to Kalambe’s house, and tell her about it.
Villagers I         : Okay, MALIN KUNDANG’S COMING 3X
And then, in Kalambe’s house.
Villagers II        : Assalamualaikum,, kalambe.
Kalambe            : Waalaikum salam, what’s going on?
Villagers II        : Malin Kundang is coming with his wife, and he become a richman.
Kalambe            : What?? Really?? Are u serious?
Villagers             : Yes, of course
Kalambe             : Where is he?
Villagers             : In the harbour.
Hearing it,  soon, Kalambe go to the harbour.
Kalambe             : Malin… Malin… You’re come back my son, you’re come back
Snow white        : Who is that old woman, Malin?
Malin                : I don’t know, princess, I don’t know
Snow white        : But, she is calling your name. Who are you oldman?
Kalambe             : I am Malin’s mother.. Are you Malin’s wife?
Snow white        : Yes, I am. But…
Kalambe             : I really happy because Malin has back with his wife. Evenless, you’re so beautiful
Snow white        : Thank you
Malin                : What? My mother? I have no mother like u. U are so dirty and old. You’re look so poor. Get out.
Kalambe             : But, I’m your motheR, Malin. I swear.

Malin still go and not see his mother, while his mother was so sad and angry. And because of that, she immediately banned Malin to be stone.

Kalambe             : You’r so rebelliois, Malin. And now, I banned you be a stone. I BANNED YOU BE A STONE
And finally, Malin was became a stone. And snow white, back to her ship and ran away.