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Contoh Pidato Hari Kemerdekaan Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Assalamualaikum Warakhmatullahi Wabarakatuh ...
Dear Sir, To the jury
And do not forget the friends who say love

First of all, let us offer worship and praise God against Allah. Those who have bestowed all their mercy and guidance on us, we can discuss in this good place and time with a healthy condition. Prayers and greetings remain poured out for our lord the Prophet Muhammad. Who always pray for the people to the path of welfare and safety.

My dear friend, this month on August 17, 2019 we celebrate our 73rd anniversary of independence. By commemorating the birthday of freedom I hope, hopefully we will even more to improve the spirit of patriotism and nationalism for our beloved land, and further enhance our enthusiasm to study more diligently, so that we for the new generation can produce our beloved and prosperous.

Still remember? How great are the fighters of the nation's fighters in the struggle and struggle for the independence of our country from the hands of the invaders? We as the people of Indonesia and a great nation must be able to win and support now the struggle of the nations.

The role of the young generation today is very important for the progress and peace of our country for the future. Because the Young Generation now prefers individualism, changes hedonism (rah rah), talks about crime and crime and the collapse of the spirit of nationalism among the younger generation. Of course this country has become like what the younger generation has to do, has lost the values ​​of noble character and the spirit to live together and help each other.

The spirit of nationalism of the young generation is important, because nationalism can shape awareness and equality of the nation and state regardless of ethnicity, race and religion. With the spirit of nationalism, we can establish harmony between people.

Therefore, it does not mean that we are then disconnected and remain silent in challenging the reality of life like that. We must be able to arouse the spirit of the younger generation and motivate the younger generation.

Let us young Indonesians to rise again, fight for the Indonesian people, always be happy and always optimistic about giving the best for their beloved homeland. We can realize this by learning to excel and make the nation proud and fill Indonesia's independence with pleasure.

All Friends

Yakinilah that we as the next generation of young people can provide change for this beloved nation. Good luck, the spirit of learning to become a better young generation.

Be my Indonesian

Merdekaa !! Merdekaa !!

Wasalammualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhh

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