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Prediksi Soal UNBK 2019 Bahasa Inggris SMP I Paket 4


Untuk mendownload file Prediksi Soal UNBK 2019 Bahasa Inggris SMP I Paket 4

The text is for number 1 - 2

To: Lidia

Sorry honey, I can’t keep my promise to go with you to the Mall tonight. I’ve to meet Mrs. Cathy at 07.00 pm. Please, don’t be angry.


1.                  Mom writes the text in order to …
A.       apologize for not keeping the promise.
B.       remind Lidia  that she  has a promise  with her.
C.       tell Lidia  that she has to go to the meeting.
D.       say that she cannot meet her in the Mall..

2.                  What does likely lidia do after reading the message from her mom?
A.       She  meets her mother  in her office.
B.       She goes to the Mall alone.
C.       She asks her mom to cancel the meeting  with Mrs Cathy.
D.    She asks her mom  to accompany her to the Mall
The text is for number 3 and 4!

                                                                     ATTENTION PLEASE!
                      Our school will hold some extracurricular activities, such as;
Ø  Scout Activity
Ø  Swimming
Ø  Archery Sport

All students of grade 7 should join these activities and contact Mr. Dzulqarnain
before February 28th, 2019 for registration. Any kinds of facilities needed will
be provided by the school.
Thanks a lot for the attention
Mr. Yon
3.      The objective of writing the text above is to ....
A.      announce the students about registration.
B.      inform the students about facilities.
C.      tell the students about extracurricular.
D.      remind the students about scout activity.
3.       From the text we know that ....
A.      the annoucement is for any grade of students.
B.      the school will facilitate the extracurricular activities.
C.      the students can choose one of these activities.
D.      the students should pay some money for registration.
The text is for questions 5,6,7

Because of the high demand of for electrical power due to extremely cold weather , the city is facing a serious power shortage. We are asking residents to help us avoid this situation. Please reduce your power consumption as much as possible. Lower household heat to sixty degrees. Turn off all unnecessary appliances. Postpone energy-consuming tasks such as doing the laundry.


5.       Where can we possibly find the annoucement above?
A.      in a certain village.
B.      in a government school.
C.      in a certain restaurant.
D.      in an electrical shop.
6.       What should you do after reading the text?
A.      Set up more electrical set at home.
B.      Add more appliances at home.
C.      Reduce useless electrical appliances.
D.      Use washing machine at home.
7.       We must decrease the use of electrical power ... high demand of it.
A.      although
B.      because of
C.      however
D.      insipite of

The following text is for questions 8 to 10.
Join the following: Empty  Bowl A Charitable Lunch for the Hungry
February  28th, 2015 In “Menteng” Square 11:00 am – 2.00 pm Soups and Breads from “Menteng” Restaurant & Bakery. The idea for the Empty Bowl Project is simple: Participants (junior high school students) make ceramic bowl. Then they serve a simple meal of soup and bread to guests. Then guests enjoy the food and keep the bow. In exchange, they give a donation of minimum Rp 25,000. The income from this project will be donated to isolated villages in West Java. Let’s make donation by enjoying the food. Contact : 399-2277 for more information

8. From the text above we know that the emty bowl a Charitable lunch is?
A. Boring
B. Exciting.
C. Horrifying.
D. Frightening
9.  What is the advertisement about?
A. Empty  Bowl A Charitable Lunch
B. Serve a simple meal
C. The food and keep the bowl
D. Soups and Breads from “Menteng” Restaurant & Bakery.
10.   To whom the advertisement is addressed?
        A. The students of junior high school.
        B. The villagers of West Java?      
        C. The guests of the program.
        D. The people of West Java.

Tomi  : Excuse me i’m so sorry  for being late to work
Mr.Edi: Where have you been?
Tomi  : My car brokedown
Mr.Edi:That’s too bad. Please try to fix it so that it doesn’t happen again
Tomi  : Yes, I’ll work on it
Mr.Edi:Thank you.Have a seat

11. What is the writer’s intention to write the dialogue?
A.    Expressing apologizing.
B.     Rejecting apologizing.
C.    Asking helping.
D.    Responsing helping.
The following text is for questions 12 to 14.
                Success is not measured by money. It is truly measured by hard work, discipline and will to win. You have proved that time and again, so congrats on your success. Keep it up!
                                                (From Buku Pemantapan Persiapan Ujian B. Inggris SMP/MTs, Penerbit: Akasia)

12. The text is written to:
                a. Give advice how to be successful
                b. Tell that it is not easy to be successful
                c. Admit that it is not easy to get money
                d. Show appreciation on someone’s achievement
13. The writer wants to say that the recipient must ….
                a. Win the competition in life
                b. Keep his spirit to success in life
                c. Earn as much money as he can
                d. Work harder to get what he wants

14. … by hard work, discipline and will to win…
       “will” has the closest meaning with:
a.       Desire
b.      Trick
c.       Way
d.      Choice
The following text is for questions 15 to 17.

Pink Beach or Pantai Merah Muda is one of the beaches in Komodo island, East Nusa Tenggara. The beach is called Pink Beach because the sand beach is pink. The pink color of its beach is a mixture of white sand with crushed color shells, calcium carbonate from marine in vertebrates that are very small and, microcopies amoebas that have a red body shells.
At Pink Beach, there are so many marine organism. No fewer than 1000 species of fish, 260 species of coral and70 species of sponge can be found here. Having so much marine life, this place a proper spot for snorkeling and diving for sea spot lovers.
15. what is the purpose of the text?
                a. To tell the readers how to go Pink Beach
                b. To describe the situation of beautiful Pink Beach
                c. To persuade people to visit Pink Beach
                d. To give some information about facilities
16. … is a mixture of the white sand…The underlined word is closed in meaning to…
                a. Collided
                b. Merger
                c. Collaboration
                d. Association
17. What should we do to conserve the marine life? We must…
                a. Be more careful with our waste material
                b. Care about the importance of clean air
                c. Look after our environment well
                d. Plant trees along the road

The following text is for questions 18 to 20.
My Bad Experience When Buying Bread

When I was young, I had a terrible bad experience when I was buying some breads for breakfast. First, I think I had only 15 years old when my mom asked me to go a store to buy some breads for breakfast.  Then, I went on to buy it. When I arrived at the store, I just realized that I had lost money on the way I went to the store. I could not buy the bread. After that, I returned to my house. Sadly my mom told me that I should go and find the money on the way. I could not find it. Finally, I returned to my house again without the breakfast with breads.
18. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?
a. To tell the readers one horrible experience of the writer
b. To bring the readers to the joyful situation
c. To show someone’s unforgettable experience of the writer
d. To give a report to the police
19. Why did the writer can’t buy the bread?
a. Because he left his money at home
b. Because he forgot to bring his wallet
c. because his mother did not give him any money
d. Because he lost his money
20. I returned to my house again without the breakfast with breads. What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a. Stole
b. Went back
c. Slept
d. broke

The following text is for questions 21 to 23.

                Combining Aloe Vera Decoction and Honey for Naughty Pimple

                Welcome to naughty pimple sufferer. This Aloe Vera will help you to lose your naughty pimple. The gel of Aloe Vera decoction with 3-4 drops of honey touching and 15-20 minutes after it is dabbed in your pimple, the pimple will go with its happiness.

21. Based on the text above, what will the Aloe Vera give for the reader?
                a. Glowing face
                b. The naughty pimple will stay except the reader knew how to use the Aloe Vera
                c. The naughty pimple will stay while the reader knew how to use the Aloe Vera
                d. Somebody used the aloe Vera for all of our body treatments
22. What is the true statement on the passage?
                a. The gel of Aloe Vera will help our face
                b. The gel of Aloe Vera decoction with some honey drops won’t leave the pimple
                c. Creating pure face uses Aloe Vera decoction with some honey drops.
                d. Aloe Vera is not absolutely for our face
23. “The Aloe Vera decoction will help you to lose your naughty pimple.” (Second Paragraph)
       The underline word means...
a.       Clearing the pimple
b.      Increasing the pimple
c.       Closing the pimple
d.      Finding the pimple

This following text is for question numbers 24 – 26

How to use  blender for juicing:

1.  Take the main unit and put juicer body on the main unit.
2.  Press fit the Juicing mesh on the motor coupler by slightly rotation until you hear a click sound.
3.  Fit the juicer cover on the juicer body.
4.  Lock both side swing locks.
5.  Fit spout cover by sliding on juicer body.
6.  Plug cord into AC outlet and use 1st Speed for juicing.
7.  Insert the fruits into the feeder tube and press them down gently with the help of food pusher.

•   Run the Juicer at 1st speed, to have maximum juicing efficiency from the juicer.
    In addition for soft and citrus fruits it is advisable to insert fruits slowly and not pressing these by food pusher.

24.  The benefit of reading the text is readers can ....
A.    describe how to make juice
B.     inform about blender for juicing
C.    tell the ways to use the blender for juicing
D.    share the writer experience when making juice

25.  Why should we use 1st speed for juicing?
A.    To get the maximum juicing efficiency from the juicer.
B.     To make the fruit easy to be pressed on the food pusher.
C.     To help the food pusher to mashed up the fruit.
D.    To make the fruit getting smoother.

26.  “Insert the fruits into the feeder tube and press them down gently with the help of food pusher”.
The underlined word refers to ....
A.    Food
B.     Cord
C.     Fruit
D.    Feeder tube
This following text is for questions 27 to 30.
Long time ago there was a good looking girl. Her beauty was known everywhere in the country. The people called her .’A Ripe Arica Princess” . Many men wanted to marry her but she didn’t want to be married . The bad face king from Java heard this and wanted to marry her.
The Princess was very confused. If she refused him, he would be angry. So she agree to be King ‘s wife on one condition if she could build her a big place completed with household furnishing, swimming pool, and beautiful garden in one right.
The King agree to fulfill her requirement. Her asked his troops to gather immediately. They started from the sunset. At midnight their job was almost finished. The Princess was afraid, she couldn’t sleep soundly. Knowing that place was almost finished, she went to the chicken coop and bought several  bright lamps. Those chicken assume that the sun had risen. So they crowed loudly because of the crows the King asked his troop to stop their job.
The troop were confused to stop their job, because it was almost  finished and the sun hadn’t risen yet. But the King promised to the Princess to stop when he heard the crown of chickens. Then he gave all his wealth to the Princess because he had failed to do his job. The King became impoverished and their Princess took a pity with him so she changed her word. Finally she accepted the King’s marriage proposal, sincerity, honesty and consistency made her accept the King. He was very surprised and jump down to the pool he had made. Suddenly his face changed to be handsome at that time.
 At the end, they married and live at Arica Nut. At last they live happily in the city called Jambe. Now it becomes Jambi Province
27.   What  moral value can we get from the story above?
A.     Be responsible king for your princess
B.     Don’t ask too complicated requirement
C.     It is possible to change our performance
D.     Don’t judge the others from theirs performance
28.    What is the third paragraph tell us about?
A.     The Princess’effort to fail the king’s work
B.     The cocks crowed before the sun rise
C.     The king tried to fulfill his promise
D.     The king’s job was almost finished
29.    Those chicken assume that the sun had risen. The underlined word means ....
A.     appeared
B.     moved
C.     shone
D.     come
30. What did the Princess do when she knew the people was almost finished?
A.     She was very afraid is she couldn’t soundly
B.      She went to coop and give the chicken food
C.      She woke all the chickens as if the sun had risen
D.      She went to the palace and asked the troop to stop working
Text for questions number 31 to 34.
       Bugis is one of Indonesian ethnics who inhabit South Sulawesi. This tribe is the biggest three after Javanese and Sundanese. Besides the indigenous who live in South Sulawesi, the immigrant of Minangkabau who wander from Sumatra to Sulawesi and the Malay people are being called as Bugis people.
       At present time, The Bugis spread
s to all over Indonesia like Sulawesi Tenggara, Sulawesi Tengah, Papua, Kalimantan Timur, Kalimantan Selatan even abroad. Bugis is the most group who consistently spreads the Islamic religion.
              In the past, Bugis was
well-known all over the world. The expertise of Bugis-Makassar sailing the ocean was trustworthy.  They went up to the overseas territory of Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar and South Africa. In fact, they also went to Cape Town. That’s why, in South Africa there is a suburb named Maccassar, as a sign of local residents to remember their ancestors homeland.
       The reason of Bugis people went to wander because there was conflict among the royal kingdom between Bugis kingdom and Makassar kingdom on 16, 17, 18 and 19 century. The people
from the coastal area wandered the most for independent life.
       Nowadays, Bugis people are mostly doing farming, fishing and trading instead of  sailing the ocean. The women mostly help the men doing farming
. Some of the elders are still weaving the silk sarong, which is the traditional cloth of Bugis-Makassar.

31. Why does the writer write the text?
A.    To retell the Bugis’ experience.
B.    To explain the culture of Bugis
C.    To persuade people to visit some places.
D.   To describe Bugis tribe.
32. The ancestors of Buginese were famous as great … .
A.    farmers
B.     traders
C.     sailors
D.    tailors

33. What do the senior Buginese usually do recently?
A.    Do weaving.
B.     Go sailing.
C.     Do farming.
D.    Go fishing.

34. They went up to the overseas territory of Malaysia, ….” ( par. 2)
The underlined word has the closest meaning with … .
A.    island
B.     abroad
C.     ocean
D.    country

The following text is for questions 35 to 38.
           A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground. It’s often portended by a dark, greenish sky. Black storm clouds gather. Baseball-size hail might fall. A funnel suddenly appears, as though descending from a cloud. The funnel hits the ground and roars forward with a sound like that of a freight train approaching. The tornado tears up everything in its path.
       Some of Earth’s most violent events, nearly a thousand tornados-many of them deadly-touch down every year in the United States. Every U.S. has experienced twitters, but Texas holds the record: an annual average of 120. Tornadoes have been reported in Great Britain, India, Argentina, and other countries, but most tornadoes occur in the United States.
        Related to tornadoes, waterspouts are weak twisters that from over warm water. They sometimes move inland and become tornadoes. Dust devils are small, rapidly rotating columns of air that are made visible by the dust and dirt they pick up. Dust devils are not associated with thunderstorms.

35.  What is the writer’s intention to write this text?
A.    To show the tornado to the students.
B.     To identify the danger of tornado.
C.     To describe tornado in general.
D.    To avoid  the twisters’ effect.

36.  The text above mainly discusses.  .  .   of tornado
A.     the general process
B.     the characteristics
C.     the outcome
D.     the effect

37.  Tornado happens .  .  . a thunderstorm descends to the ground.
A.     so
B.     that
C.     when
D.     because

38.  The text will probably be interesting for … students.
A.     economic
B.     science
C.     arts
D.     law
The following text is for questions 39 to 41.
My mother and I witnessed a tragic accident when she drove me to school yesterday. A car full of children had made a left turning without signaling, and as a result a school bus crashed into it. A few cars behind the school bus rammed into the bus as they could not brake in time. I told my mother that I wanted to help the victims and she nodded silently. She brought the car to a halt not too far from the accident spot.
The impact of the accident had plunged three children out of the car. The driver laid lifeless on the steering wheel. Two of the children were seriously hurt and bleeding profusely from the head and hands. They were conscious although too weak to realize what had happened. Another child had her left hand severed and appeared unconscious.
The passengers in the school bus were injured too. The driver laid slumped on the steering wheel with severe injuries on his head. Most of the students appeared to suffer from minor cuts and bruises on their arms and bodies. It was really fortunate that nobody was badly hurt. By then a few adults had entered the bus and together we instructed the children to come out of the bus slowly. The children were crying and screaming for their parents and we had to hug them to keep them quiet.
Meanwhile, two ambulances had arrived. A traffic police car was there too. The victims were whisked away to the hospital.
I was late for school. I informed my teacher about the accident. He said that it could have been prevented if the drivers had been more careful.
39.  What can we learn from the story of the text?
A.    To share a unique or unusual experience.
B.     To encourage the readers to help people.
C.     To advice drivers to be more careful. (pengguna jalan)
D.     to give lesson from one’s struggle in his life.

40.  Why did the accident happen? Because … .
A.    the car driver was careless
B.     the bus driver was sleepy
C.     the bus driver turned without signaling
D.    the car driver failed to brake

41.  The victims were taken to the hospital ... they were seriously injured.
A.    since
B.     and
C.     although
D.     but
The following text is for questions 42 to 44.
When George washington was about six years ol,he was made the wealthy master of hatchet of which,like most little boys,he ws extremely fond.He went about cutting everything that came his way.
One day,as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother’s pea-sticks.He found a beautiful,young English cherry tree,of which his father was most proud.He tried the edge of his hatchet on trunk of the tree and barked it so that it died.
Some time after this,his father discovered what had happened to his favourite tree.He came into the house in great anger and demanded to know who the naught person was,Who had cut away the bark,Nobody could tell him anything about it,just then George,with his little axe,came into the room. His father asked him about the tree.This was a hard question to answer,and for a moment Geogre was stagered by it,but quickly recovering himself he cried:” I cannot tell a lie, I did cut it with my little axe.”
Surprisingly,the anger died out of his fathers’s face , and taking the boy tenderly in his arms,he said: “My son,that you should not be afraid to tell the truth.It is more to me than a housand trees! Yes,though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!”
42.What is message did the writer want to convery by telling the story?
A.      be pround of ourselves
B.      change to be better
C.      be honest to others
D.      be patient and happy
43.what did father do to him after he hold him the truth?
A.      His father do to him nothing because he was lazy
B.      His father got angry and demanded to plant the tree
C.      His father was happy to know that his son was very honest
D.      His father got very angry and drove him away of the house
44.  arrange the following  words into a good sentences!
father  his  to  discovered had what tree  happened  his  favourite
1                 2     3          4            5        6       7             8            9       10
A.      2-1- 4-6-5- 8 -3 9- 10- 7
B.      2-1-6-4-8-3-9-10-7-5
C.      9-8-1-6-8-2-3-10-5-7
D.      9-8-1- 6-9-3-10-5-7-2

The following text is for questions 45 to 47.
Colosseum is one of Seven Wonders of the World which is located in Italy. This place is a large amphitheatre in the city of Rome. It is a historical relic. This place was built in the period of King Alfero Gilberto year 72 AD. But it wasn’t finished. Then his son, Titus, completed this building in the year 80 AD. This building is elliptical or spherical shape which can accommodate 50,000 spectators. Colosseum is recognized as an astonishing work with great and spectacular architecture. Unfortunately, this magnificent amphitheatre was used for gladiator battles, animal battles and capital punishment. The Colosseum is considered as one of the greatest examples of Roman building with its unique design and elliptical structure. Tourists and first-time visitors to Rome never fail to be amazed after seeing Colosseum. Therefore, it is acknowledged as Rome’s most famous monument which becomes the symbol of the city.
45.   What is the text about?
A.      A place that belong to the seven wonders of the world
B.      A place located in Italy that has a large area
C.       One of large building in Italy
D.       Amphitheatre in Rome
46.   Known as magnifcent amphitheathre, Colloseum was built in the period of ...
A.      Nero
B.      Alfero Gilberto
C.       Julius Caesar
D.       Gilberto Silva

47.   Colloseum has spectacular architecture ...  becomes the symbol of Rome.
The correct conjuction to complete the sentence is...
A.      Or
B.      Beside
C.       And
D.      But
The following text is for questions 48 to 50.
Nasi Lemak
1 cup rice
3 stew pine leaves
Salt to taste
2 cups thick coconut milk

·         First, clean the rice and drain it.
·         Then, add 2 cups of thick coconut milk, stew pine leaves, and salt to the rice.
·         If you desire, you can also add in some sliced onions and ginger.
·         Cook the rice for one hour
·         Finally, serve this rice with sliced hard-boiled eggs, cucumber and sambal ikan Bilis.

  1. What should we do after we add the thick coconut milk?
A.      Cook the rice
B.      Serve with egg and cucumber
C.      Grate the coconut
D.      Mix the coconut
  1. “Cook the rice for one hour”.
What might happen if we cook it less than one hour?
A.    The rice will not taste good
B.     The rice will not be soft
C.     The rice will not be white
D.    The rice will not smell good
  1. Make them in a good and meaningful sentence!
Givethetotastetheaddrice – in – salt
1              2      3         4         5         6        7       8                9
A.      6 – 9 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 5 – 7
B.      1 – 2 – 9 – 3 – 6 – 8 – 5 – 7 - 4
C.      6 – 2 – 9 – 3 – 1 – 8 – 5 – 4 – 7
D.      3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 5 – 9