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Prediksi Soal UNBK 2019 Bahasa Inggris SMP I Paket 2


Untuk mendownload file Prediksi Soal UNBK 2019 Bahasa Inggris SMP I Paket 2

The text is for number 1 and 2.

 Dear Nadia,

I just remind you that our family will visit grandma at 5 in the afternoon. 
So, please go home soon after school. I will pack our clothes and
help me while you arrive home.

Your sister,

1.       What is the aim of the writer to write the text?
A.       She informs her sister to go to grandma’s house.
B.        She invites her sister to visit their grandma.
C.        She forbids her sister to go anywhere after school.
D.       She wants to visit her grandma with her sister.

2.         What should Nadia do after arriving home? She should …
A.       Pack the clothes.
B.        Go somewhere.
C.        Visit grandma.
D.       Remind sister.

The text is for number 3.

3.         Why does the school publish that announcement?
A.       To present ‘creation”.
B.        To celebrate youth month in Bina Prestasi Elementary School.
C.        To ask the students to involve in the art exhibition programs.
D.       To ask the students to telephone their teachers about the celebration.

4.         What should the readers do after reading the text? They should ....
A.       come to  the meeting every Saturday.
B.        Make some preperation for the weekly meeting.
C.        Discuss with other members about the scout activity.
D.       Hold colaborative training with all the scout members.

6.         What will the passengers likely do after hearing the announcement? They would…
A.       Prepare their ticket.
B.        Throw their cigarette.
C.        Call the train’s crew.
D.       Save their belongings.

7.         The passengers are forbidden to smoke in the train… it is a free smoking trip.
A.       If.
B.        So.
C.        Although.
D.       Because.

The text is for number 8 to 10.

We are looking for advertising executive (part time or full time)
If you think that yo could fulfill the qualification,do email me your resume (include of most recent photo,time available to start,time available to meet) to shortlisted candidates will be informed for the interview.If you are serious,please do so.
1.         Self-motivated and target-oriented.
2.         Preferable college or university student.
3.         Flexible time.
4.         Must be a good team player.
5.         Training will be provided.
6.         Hardworking.
Remarks income will be based on total sales achieve.

8.         The advertisement above is intended to inform about….
A.       Sending a resume for interview.
B.        Job vacancy for advertising executive.
C.        The flexible time for training interview.
D.       The qualification of shortlisted candidates.

9.         Which of the following doesn’t belong to the requirements of candidates?
A.       Must be a good team player.
B.        Self-motivated an target-oriented.
C.        English fluently.
D.       Preferable college or university student.

10.     Base on the text above,we know that the advertisement is addressed to….
A.       People who are looking for jobs.
B.        People who need aninterview.
C.        College or university students only.
D.       Employers who are looking for advertising executive.       

The dialoque is for number 11.

Aina         : Japan got the most gold medals in the Asian games 2018. They became the first rank in achieving medals.
Hajar        : They did. They really have excellent and qualified team.
Aina         : They work hard and serious of it.

11.     In the dialoque , Aina is Giving  .... to Hajar
A.       Inspiration.
B.        Opinion.
C.        Suggestion.
D.       Instruction.
The text is for number 12 to 14.

12.     Based on the text, the writer writes the text in order to .....
A.       Congratulate to the teacher ’s birthday.
B.        Show the writer’s friend birthday.
C.        Give warm wishes to the writer ‘s friend
D.       Admire the writer’s friend birthday.

13.     What does the writer mean for the receiver by saying “You are the mentor who showed me the path”?
A.       The writer had chosen her friend as a mentor at school.
B.        The writer got the right road to come to his friend’s house.
C.        The writer thanked to his friend on his a good life teaching.
D.       The writer felt that he needed some advices of life from him.

14.     “May your life be filled with eternal happiness ‘n unending smiles”
The underlined word can best be replaced with ....
A.       Endless.
B.        Strong.
C.        Great.
D.       Temporer.                                                                            

The text is for number 15 to 17.

My Idol “Agnes Mo”
         Agnes Monica Muljoto known by her stage name Agnez Mo (born 1 July 1986), is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in Jakarta, she started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of six as a child singer. She has recorded three children’s albums and became a presenter of several children’s television programs. In 2003, Mo released her first adult album entitled And the Story Goes, which catapulted her name back in the Indonesian music industry.
Mo’s success in homeland encouraged her to set a target to get a career in the international music scene. On the second album released in 2005, Whaddup A.. ‘?!, she collaborated with American singer Keith Martin for single “I’ll Light a Candle”. Mo also took part in two Taiwanese drama series, The Hospital and Romance In The White House.
         Mo won the award two years in a row for her performances in the Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea, in 2008 and 2009. With her third album, Sacredly Agnezious (2009), she began to get involved as producer and songwriter. In 2010, she was appointed as a judge on the talent show, Indonesian Idol. She signed a recording deal with The Cherry Party, a label ventured with Sony Music Entertainment. Mo has released two international singles, “Coke Bottle” (featuring Timbaland and T.I.) and “Boy Magnet”.

15.     What does the writer want to highlight?
A.       Agnes Mo’s domestic lovers.
B.        Agnes Mo’s favourite fans.
C.        The study of Agnes Mo.
D.       The career of Agnes Mo.

16.     “Mo has released two international singles....The underlined word can be best replaced by....
A.       Loose.
B.        Imprison.
C.        Withdraw.
D.       Launched.

17.     What should  you do after reading the text?
A.       Tell it to the others.
B.        Have to appreciate her talent.
C.        Ignore her talent.
D.       Just know about it.

The text is for number 18 to 20.

I remember that day. It was the day that I will never forget. I was at my home after having the exam the previous day. The result of the exam would be announced the next day. But considering the distance of the exam location, I asked my friend to check the result of the exam.
That morning I was having a morning tea while waiting for my friend call. My parents and I were nervous that morning as the result of the exam was important for me to continue to higher school in my area without having the entrance test. As I was so excited when my mom told me it was my friend. I ran towards phone as soon as possible. I grabbed the phone from mom and started missile of questions on my friend. From the other end my friend shouted at me and suggested me to keep calm and allow her to speak. She said that I got the highest mark all the exam participants. Listening this I shouted, Oh Really!!!. My mother came running towards me, she was so happy. She started crying and gave me a tight hug. She said that she was very proud of me.

18.     What is the writer intention to write the text above?
A.       To describe the distance of the exam location.
B.        To tell about getting the highest mark all the exam.
C.        To tell about how to continue to higher school without having the entrance test.
D.       To give information about fun experience.

19.     the writer’s mother cried and gave him a tight hug because she was .....
A.       Pleased.
B.        Worried.
C.        Dissapointed.
D.       Excited.

20.     “I ran towards phone as soon as possible”.
The underlined word is closest meaning to...
A.       Leave for.
B.        Pass over.
C.        Cross to.
D.       Come up.

The text is for number 21 to 23.

21.     Why is it important for us to read the text? To know…
A.       What are the content of the product.
B.        Where to store the product safely.
C.        When the product is expired.           .
D.       Where the product is sold.

22.     Based on the text we know that the product is free from… .
A.       Carbohydrate.
B.        Sodium.
C.        Sugar.
D.       Fat.

23.     Store in a cool place”
The closest meaning of the underlined word is?
A.       Buy.
B.        Keep.
C.        Drink.
D.       Throw.

The text is for number 24 to 26.

A Practical Guide Shaving with an Electric Razor
1.         Use short, controlled strokes against the direction of hair growth while applying very little pressure.
Use your free hand to determine the direction your beard is growing and always shave against it. Failing to shave against the grain will result in a poor shave in terms of closeness and will likely leave some stray hairs behind.
2.         Hold the razor upright to the surface that’s being shaved and adjust the angle accordingly.
Your electric shaver performs optimally when held at a 90 degrees angle and in permanent contact with the skin.
3.         Use your free hand to stretch the skin for a closer shave.
This will cause the hairs to stand straight and thus be captured by the shaver and will also make the skin tighter, minimizing the risks of irritation. You can tilt your head back while raising your chin up when shaving the neck or right below the jaw line.
4.         Alter the length and direction of the strokes.
Depending on the direction of the grain and the area that you’re shaving, shorter, stronger strokes may work better.
5.         Flip the shaver upside down.
The shaving head on most foil shavers is tilted towards the front of the shaver. You can use this to your advantage when shaving certain areas.
6.         Always take your time when shaving, be thorough and mindful.
You should also start with the most difficult and irritation horizontal areas, like your neck. These require more attention and effort, so it’s a good idea to get them out of the way first.

If for any reason you shave every three days or more, it’s a good idea to trim your beard with a regular face trimmer before shaving.

24.     The text is about how to ….
A.       Shave beard appropriately using the electric shaver.
B.        Test how well someone use the electric shaver properly.
C.        Show the reader the attentive part when shaving the beard.
D.       Trim the excessive beard before shaving using the electric shaver.

25.     Why should we precede the neck and high risk irritation part to be shaved by stretching the skin?
A.       To get better result on the neck area.
B.        To adjust the razor angle on the skin.
C.        To avoid sore skin after shaving the beard.
D.       To speed up the shaving process on the jaw line.

26.     “…These require more attention and effort” (Step 6)
The underlined word refers to ….
A.       Start shaving.
B.        Stretching the skin.
C.        Getting the grain away.
D.       Shaving the neck area.

The text is for number 27 to 30.
One day a hungry fox approached a rooster and said, “I remember what a wonderful singer your father was. I wonder whether you can sing as well.” The rooster shut his eyes and began to sing. The fox snatched him with his mouth and carried him away. The people of the town cried. “Look. Look! The fox is carrying off our rooster!”
Then the rooster said to the fox, ”Good heavens, do you understand? The people are saying that you are carrying off their rooster. Tell them quickly that it’s yours, and not theirs.” The fox opened his mouth and said. “it’s not your, it’s mine!”
At the moment the rooster escaped from the fox’s mouth and flew into a tree. The fox was furious. He was hungry and now the rooster was out of reach. He could have eaten the rooster if he hadn’t talked so much.
27.     What can we learn from the story?
A.        Roosters can sing well.
B.         It’s better not to eat rooster.
C.         It is wise not to talk too much.
D.        Never catch other people’s roosters.

28.    The story above is about?
A.       A rooster and good heavens.
B.        A hungry fox and rooster.
C.        A wonderful singer.
D.       A brave rooster.

29.     Tell them quickly that it’s yours,”
The underlined word refers to…
A.       the fox
B.        the rooster
C.        the people
D.       the town

30.     Why did the fox carry the rooster away?
A.       Because he wanted to take him to his father.
B.        Because he wanted to feed the roster.
C.        Because he wanted to hear him singing.
D.       Because he wanted to eat the rooster

The text is for number 31 to 34.

A cactus is any member of the plant family cactaceae, native to the Americas.  They are often used as ornamental plants. Cacti are grown for protection of property from wild animals, as well as many other uses.
Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and hot environments, showing a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. Their stems have adapted to become photosynthetic and succulent, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are well known.
Cactus flowers are large, and like the spines and branches arise from areoles. Many cactus species are night blooming, as they are pollinated by nocturnal insects or small animals, principally moths and bats. Cacti range in size from small and globular to tall and columnar.

31.     What is the purpose of the text?
A.       To give information about American cacti
B.        To explain physical feature of cacti
C.        To describe cacti in general
D.       To tell cacti’s life.

32.     Where can we find cacti mostly?
A.       In the jungle
B.        On the beach
C.        On the mountain
D.       In the arid and hot region.

33.     Why do cacti mostly bloom at night?
A.       Because their flower are large
B.        Since cacti are unusual and distinctive plants
C.        Since cacti are pollinated by nocturnal insects
D.       As the afternoon period is used for photosynthetic process.

34.     “Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which…….”
The synonym of distinctive is……
A.       Typical
B.        Antique
C.        Unique
D.       Different.

Text text is for number 39 to 41.

Lion is four-legged carnivorous mammal which has long been considered to be one of endangered animals by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They are from the Felidae family and they are the second-largest cat after the tiger. They live in a group and they usually inhabit savannah and grassland. A group of Lion is called “a pride”, it may have up to 30 members, but mostly it consists of 15 members. The members of a pride are male lions, female lions (usually called as “lioness”) and their off spring.
The body weight of a baby lion is about 1,2 to 2 kg. As they grow older, they can reach a maximum body weight of 250 kg for the male lion and 185 kg for the lioness. The length of an adult male lion can reach the size of 330 cm, while the lioness can reach the size of 270 cm. Both male and female lions have muscular body, this is the reason why they have so much energy to hunt other animals which sometimes has a bigger body than them. They have broad head, round ears, short neck, and a long tail. The tail can reach the size of 100 cm and it ends with a dark hairy tuft. Their skin color varies from light buff to silverly gray, but some people also thought that their color is brown. The head of a male lions is covered by thick mane which grow downward and backward covering not only most of their head but also their chest. The color of the mane is the combination of brown, yellow, rust and black.

35.     What is the purpose of the text above?
A.       to explain to the reader about lion in general.
B.        to explain to the reader about lion eat.
C.        to know about habitat of lion.
D.       to describe about lion in specific.

36.     from the text we know that....
A.       the lion is not harmful animal
B.        the lion is herbivorous animal
C.        the lion is an endanger animal
D.       the lion live in individual.

37.     The female lions are better hunter than male lion … her muscular body.
A.       as
B.        since
C.        because of
D.       because.

38.     Who will likely read the text ….
A.       gardeners
B.        zoologist
C.        florist
D.       botanists

Text for questions number 39 to 41.

A Trip to the Baliem Valley
Last vacation I decided to do a little adventure by visiting Dani tribe in Baliem valley.
First, I enjoyed the Baliem Cultural Festival at Muliama village about 20 kilometers from Wamena.  The festival lasted in several days.  People of Dani were singing, dancing, and playing their traditional music during the festival.  They decorated their faces with pig grease, clay, ash and fur.  They clutched bows, arrows and spears as they feinted and charged each other.  However, no blood was shed-it was all intended only as a threatening show of force.
When the festival was over, I decided to join a trekking trip to the spectacular villages of Dani.  The trip gave me an opportunity to see the real Dani lifestyle.  I saw amazing wooden bridges across the fast flowing mountain rivers. I also learned that men and women live in separate traditional houses.   Another amazing thing that I noticed was people with parts of fingers missing as the result of a custom where both men and women may cut off fingers if bereaved by the loss of loved one.
My eight days visit to Baliem valley gave me a deep impression of the richness of Indonesian’s culture.  (Taken from: Mandiri _ Practice Your English, Penerbit Erlangga)

39.     What is the benefit of reading the text?
A.       To respect diversity and to increase our love for Indonesian’s culture.
B.        To know the habit of Dani’s tribe in singing, dancing and playing music.
C.        To show the precise location of Dani tribe and how to reach there.
D.       To know the characterics of the spectacular villages of Dani.

40.     Why did some women and men in Dani tribe cut their parts of finger?
A.       It was a symbol that they have just lost their family.
B.        It caused by the suffering of the loved one’s death.
C.        It proved that they loved their family much.
D.       It was part of the real Dani tribe lifestyle.

41.     The writer joined a trekking trip to the spectacular vilages of Dani ...  he/she watched the festival.
A.       Since.
B.        Before.
C.        After.
D.       During.

The text is for number 42 to 44.

Two of Everything
Once upon a time, old and poor Mr. Haktak found a large brass pot in his garden. He decided to put his purse in it. Then, he carried it home. Mrs. Haktak was very happy with that pot.
Suddenly, her hairpin fell into the pot. Mrs. Haktak reached and pulled out two hairpins and two purses. What a magic pot! Then they began to drop items into it and soon had two of everything.
One day, Mr. Haktak went to a market. At home, Mrs. Haktak did house works then rested for a while. She stooped over that pot to look inside. At that moment, Mr. Haktak kicked the door open because his hands were full of packages. Bang! Mrs. Haktak lost her balance and fell into that pot. Mr. Haktak found that he had two of Mrs. Haktak. This presented a problem.
Finally, Mr Haktak got an idea. He fell into that pot and soon there were two Mr. Haktak. Two new Haktaks became husband and wife. All of them became friends and built two identical houses with identical furniture.

42.     Why is the text written?
A.       To introduce an interesting story to the reader.
B.        To tell the readers about Mr. Haktak’s family
C.        To conclude about the story of magic pot.
D.       To describe about Mr. Haktak’s activities.

43.     Why there were two Mrs. Haktak?
A.       Because she did magic to herself.
B.        Because she fell into the pot.
C.        Because she wore a mask.
D.       Because she was twin.

44.     caused – pot – were – two - Mrs.Haktak - the magic - there
A.       Mrs. Haktak caused there were two the magic pot.
B.        The magic pot caused there were two Mrs. Haktak.
C.        There were Mrs. Haktak caused two magic pot.
D.       There were the magic pot caused two Mrs. Haktak.

The text is for number 42 to 44.

I have a favorite teacher in my school. He is Mr. Bambang. He is my English teacher. He is still young. His age is approximately 30 years. However, he is strict and discipline person. Though his face is quite creepy, his heart is very good. He has short hair that always looks neat. He’s always wearing glasses to cover his wide eyes. He also has long mustache and beard fairly dense. All female students in my school really like him. According to them, He is cool and macho man with a pointy nose and white skin.
He is very good to his students. He always gives logic advice or opinions when we need his help. He has made all his students loved learning English language because he is very smart to create quiet and comfortable atmosphere in classroom. He always has the latest ideas in teaching. His warm personality made him the most favorite teacher. He is good in making friend and talking in front of the crowd. Every person who is close to him will feel comfortable because of his personality.

45.     What does the text mostly tell us?
A.       A helpful teacher.
B.        A dilligent teacher
C.        An ideal teacher.
D.       A famous teacher.

46.     Why do the students like Mr. Bambang? Because of ...
A.       his discipline and smartness.
B.        his performance and characters.
C.        his kindness and handsomeness.
D.       his appearance and friendliness.

47.     Mr. Bambang is the strict teacher and creepy face ...  his heart is very kind.
A.       However.
B.        Though.
C.        And.
D.       But.

48.     What might happen if we bake the pancake more than 5 minutes?
A.       It will be burnt
B.        It will be raw
C.        It will be mix
D.       It will be soft

49.     What should we do before flipping the pancake? We should …. for five minutes.
A.       heat the butter
B.        let the pancake
C.        bake the pancake
D.       cook the batter

50.     The – minutes – to – five – we – pancake – need – cook
1              2         3       4        5          6            7          8
A.       5 – 8 – 4 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 1 – 6
B.        5 – 8 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 7 – 4 - 2
C.        5 – 7 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 6
D.       5 – 7 – 1 – 6 – 3 – 8 – 4 – 2