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Prediksi Soal UNBK 2019 Bahasa Inggris SMP I Paket 3


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The following text is for questions 1 to 2.
I apologize that the dancing practice scheduled for this week is postponed until next week because I have to attend an important workshop. Please forward this message to the others.
Thank you.
From: Mrs.Atik

  1. Why does the writer write the text? 
A.    To ask for the student’s apology.
B.     To reschedule the important workshop.
C.     To postpone the dancing practice.
D.    To tell about the important workshop.

  1. What will the reader probably do after reading the message?
A.    Calling Mrs. Atik for rearranging the class.
B.     Informing the postponement to other students.
C.     Confirming the teacher about the workshop.
D.    Forgiving the teacher for delaying the dancing practice.
The following text is for questions 3 to 4.

To: All students of SMP Persatuan Jakarta.

To motivate students to learn English, the student board will hold some interesting programs - storytelling, speech and singing contests. These contests will be held on January 3rd and at classrooms 9A, 9B, and 9C respectively. The topics of the speeches and stories as well as the titles of the songs are available two weeks before the contests.
Each class is required to send one female student and one male student as the representatives to join each contest.
Further information and registration? Contact Rendy (secretary of the board) at 0812345678.

3.        The text is written to ...

A.      inform the readers about the location of the three contests
B.       explain to the readers about how to join the contests
C.       tell the readers about the contests for students
D.      ask the readers to join the story telling contest

4.        From the text we know that ... will join the contest.
A.       only good students of the school
B.       all students of SMP Persatuan
C.       the students’ of other schools
D.       several students of each class

This text is for questions 5 to 7.

In accordance with the international security regulations, the following items are never allowed to be taken onto a plane by passenger, either in their carry-on bags or in their checked luggage; weapons; including knives and guns; explosives, including dynamite and fireworks.
The following items may be placed in checked luggage but not on carry-on bags. Tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches; sport equipment such as golf clubs, baseball bats, skis and ski poles.
When you pass through the security line, all bags will go through our X-ray machines and some bags will be manually checked by personnel, as well.
Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe and pleasant flight.


5. Where do you find the announcement?
A.      harbour
B.       railway station
C.       airport
D.      bus station

6. What might one do after knowing the announcement?
A.  they will check their luggage through our X-ray machines
B.  they will not bring prohibited tools on carry-on bags
C.  they will pass through the security line
D.  they will cancel their flight

7. The X-ray machines will detect weapon... the passangers bring weapon
A.  if
B.  so
C.  and
D.  but

This text is for questions 8 to 10.
8. The purpose of writing the text above is….
A.      to save 40% money
B.       to inform the reduction rate
C.       to persuade people to stay in a hotel
D.      to prepare someone to stay in a hotel

9. Based on the text, we know that….
A.      The guests will pay 40% rate to stay in the hotel
B.       The guests will save 40% rate to stay in the hotel
C.       The guests who arrive at the hotel from Thursday to Saturday will pay 40% rate for the second day
D.      The guests who arrive at the hotel from Thursday to Saturday will pay 60% rate for the second day

10. The text is intended for….
A.      travelers
B.       journalists
C.       housewives
D.      businessmen

This dialog is for questions 11.
11.    Ahmad     : Have you ever travelled by Arya Bima train?
    Budi            : Not yet. Is there anything special?
    Ahmad        : Yes, it is different from other trains. The interior is like that of an aeroplane.
    Budi            : Really? ….
    The correct expression to complete the dialogue is….
A.      What an expression!
B.       What a difference!
C.       What a good feeling!
D.      What a luxurious train!

This text is for questions 12 to 13.

               Text Box: Dear Nasha, 
“Happy graduation day. Keep on growing. Keep adding the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are. Congratulation!”
 Elsha Dhea
12.    Why does Elsha Dhea send the greeting card?
A.      To compliment Nasha on her succes.
B.       To congratulate Nasha on her succes.
C.       To encourage Nasha to be successful.
D.      To wish Nasha get more success.

13.    How does Elsha Dhea probably feel when giving the greeting card to Nasha?
A.      Amused.
B.       Anxious.
C.       Proud.
D.      Surprised.

14.    “Keep adding the goodness and beauty in the world”
The sentence means that Elsha Dhea hopes Nasha ....
A.    makes the world colorful and beautiful.
B.     always prays to God for her success
C.     will  not stop doing good and beauty
D.    will be more beautiful and well.

This text is for questions 15 to 17.

Description: D:\_BACKUP\Downloads\colloseum.jpg     Colosseum is one of Seven Wonders of the World which is located in Italy. This place is a large amphitheatre in the city of Rome. It is a historical relic. This place was built in the period of King Alfero Gilberto year 72 AD. But it wasn’t finished. Then his son, Titus, completed this building in the year 80 AD. This building is elliptical or spherical shape which can accommodate 50,000 spectators.

Colosseum is recognized as an astonishing work with great and spectacular architecture. Unfortunately, this magnificent amphitheatre was used for gladiator battles, animal battles and capital punishment. The Colosseum is considered as one of the greatest examples of Roman building with its unique design and elliptical structure. Tourists and first-time visitors to Rome never fail to be amazed after seeing Colosseum. Therefore, it is acknowledged as Rome’s most famous monument which becomes the symbol of the city

15. The text is addressed to those who ...                                                                     
A.      want to know about the unique of a famous construction
B.       pay attention on interesting and magnificent architecture
C.       like to enjoy the view of the beautiful and famous monument
D.      are concerned about historical and wonderful ancient building
16. Colosseum is one of the ancient heritage the world has .... it is our duty to protect and conserve it.
A.      if                                          
B.       because                                
C.       so                                         
D.      though
17. After reading the text the readers will likely ....
A.      participate in conserving Colosseum
B.       plan a visit to Colosseum with friends
C.       take a part in promoting Colosseum
D.      admire and respect Colosseum

The text is for question 18 to 20

Last month, I and my friends went to see a live musical performance by a band named, ‘Kaktus Band’. I was really excited to go there. So I and my friends  reached their very early. By 3:00 pm, the concert was already crowded with innumerable fans. Finally, the curtains opened the band members came up to the stage. We were all cheering on the top of our voices. Then, the performance began .I heard a horse shriek. At first I didn't understand what was happening until I saw the lead singer singing. He was fully out of tone. Then there was a guitarist who was playing the guitar so vigorously that the string broke! After all this, the people were so angry that they started throwing things at the band, one got a tomato in his face. As for me, I couldn't stop laughing! I can’t remember the last time I had this much laugh.

18.  What is the intention of the writer in writing the text?
A.    To inform the writer saw Kaktus Band concert.
B.     To describe the Kaktus Band concert.
C.     To tell the writer felt seeing Kaktus Band concert.
D.    To persuade people saw Kaktus Band concert.
19.  The writer had so much laugh because...
A.    He was surprised the performance.
B.     The people started throwing things at the band.
C.     The performance was already full of fans.
D.    The vocalist was so funny.
20.  The concert was already crowded with innumerable fans. The underlined word is closest in meaning to … .
A.    countless
B.     plentiful
C.     many
D.    excessive

The text is for question 21 to 23
Description: Image result for label of product

  1. What advantage will the readers get by reading the label?
A.    To know how to keep the product properly.
B.     To know the detailed information of Foaming Hand Sanitizer.
C.     To avoid the side effect of using Foaming Hand Sanitizer.
D.    To check the information of the time to stop using the product.

  1. The information of how to store the product can be found at ....
A.      uses
B.       content
C.       direction
D.      warning

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.    get out
B.     run away
C.     get rid of
D.    keep away

The text is for question 24 to 26

Tips for a Healthy Body
  • Healthy diet and nutrition- Eat a healthy, chemical-free diet high in vital nutrients.
  • Get adequate rest – Sleep heals your body. If you’re feeling very tired, take a short nap or sit and rest.
  • Stay focused in the present moment - Feelings of regret or worry about a past event, anxiety about a future event add stress to the body.
  • Just do it! Exercise - Exercise is known to help you live a longer and healthier life. The body needs to stay in action and movement. Move it.
  • Laugh often - Recent studies are showing the significance of how laughter and fun help keep people healthy, as well as heal sick bodies. 
  • Keep your thoughts positive - thinking only positive.
Source : ….
24. The text is written to ....
A.    make people aware the importance of healthy mind
B.     warn people the danger of unhealthy mind
C.     give advice to be healthy
D.    ask people to be happy
25. Which of the followings will make us healthy?
A.    Sleeping all day
B.     Eat more vegetables and fruits
C.     Running or jogging the whole day
D.    Watch a comedy film on Saturday night
26.  “Move it!” The underlined word refers to ...
A.    health
B.     feeling
C.     life
D.    body

The text is for question 27 to 30.

On a hot day of summer, an ant was searching for some water. After walking around for some time, she came near the river. To drink the water, she climbed up on a small rock. While trying to drink the water, she slipped and fell into the river.

A dove sitting on a branch of a tree saw the ant falling down into the river.  The dove quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it into the river near the struggling ant. The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up onto it. Soon, the leaf drifted to dry ground, and the ant jumped out. She looked up to the tree and thanked the dove.

Later, the same day, a bird catcher nearby was about to throw his net over the dove hoping to trap it. The ant saw him and guessed what he was about to do. The dove was resting and he had no idea about the bird catcher. The ant quickly bit him on the foot. Feeling the pain, the bird catcher dropped his net and let out a light scream. The dove noticed it and quickly flew away.

  1. What lesson can we take from the story above?
A.   God helps those who help themselves.
B.   Never play in a hot day near the river.
C.   One good turn deserves another.
D.   Show your love to others.

  1.  What does the last paragraph tell us about?
A.   The dove was caught by a bird catcher.
B.   The ant helped a dove from the bird catcher.
C.   The ant expressed gratitude to the dove.
D.   The ant jumped into the river.

  1.  “The dove noticed it and quickly flew away” (the last paragraph)
  The word “noticed” means ….
    1. caught
    2. felt
    3. saw
    4. left

  1. Why did the dove drop the leaf into the river?
    1. To make the ant drown in the river.
    2. To help the ant from drowning.
    3. To swim and get some water.
    4. To save his own life.

The text is for question 31 to 34.
Lightning is one of nature’s most dangerous phenomenon. The average lightning flash could light a 100 watt light bulb for more than three months. The temperature of a lightning bolt may reach 27.760°C which is hotter than the surface of the sun.
Lightning is not only an outdoor hazard. In houses without adequate lightning protection, it can be dangerous to take a bath or shower. The electric shock could be delivered along the water pipes. There is also the risk of lightning shocks being transmitted via telephone or plugged in electronics in houses without protection. Thus, people who live in these houses should unplug telephones, computers, and televisions during storms, protecting them from damage in case of lightning strike. If that too much work, it is much safer to at least install special socket inserts that protect against surges.
  1. What is the text mainly about?
A.    The power of lightning.
B.     The process of lightning.
C.     The definition of lightning.
D.    The danger of lightning.

  1. How can the lightning be dangerous while we are taking a bath?
A.    The lightning can be transmitted via electronics.
B.     The lightning strike can protect them from damage.
C.     Electronic in houses can deliver telephone and televisions.
D.    The electric shock could be delivered along the water pipes.

  1. How we can avoid the risk of lightning at houses electronics?
A.    Minimize the use of electronic devices
B.     Unplug the electronics from the socket.
C.     Plug in electronics in houses without protection.
D.    Connect the electronic tools with the lightning protection.

  1. “…damage in case of lightning strike”. The underlined word is closest in meaning to …
A.    reduce
B.     destroy
C.     protect
D.    fall

The text is for question 35 to 38.
Basil(Ocimum Basilicum) is a plant of the family Lamiaceae. It’s also known as sweet basil or Tulsi. It’s a tender low growing herbs that is grown as a perennial in warm, tropical climates. Basil is originally native to India and other tropical regions of Asia. It has been cultivated there for more than 5000 years. It is prominently featured in many cuisine throughout the world. Some of them are Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Laotian cuisines. It grows to between 30-60 cm tall. It has light green, silky leaves 3-5cm long and 1-3 cm broad. The leaves are opposite each other. The flowers are quite big. They are white in color and arranged as spike.
The tastes somewhat like anise, with a strong, pungent, sweet smell. Basil is very sensitive to cold. It is best grown in hot, dry conditions, while most common varieties are treated as annuals, some are perennial, including African Blue and Holy Thai basil.
35. Why does the writer write the text?
  1. To describe Basil in general
  2. To talk about the grown Basil
  3. To tell about the use of Basil
  4. To inform about the scent of Basil
36. What was Basil like according to the text?
  1. It has light brown flowers
  2. It has dark green leaves
  3. It’s leaves are opposite each other
  4. It’s smell are strong and stinky
37.” It is prominently featured in many cuisine throughout the world” (1st Paragraph, line 4). From the underlined sentence we can conclude that Basil is used … so many cuisines all over the world.
  1. Of
  2. On
  3. At
  4. In
38. Whom is the text recommended to?
  1. people who study about cuisines
  2. people who study about biology
  3. people who study about plant
  4. people who study about herbs

The text is for question 39 to 41.

One Tuesday morning my English teacher asked to have outing class. I and my friends in grade 8.7 were assigned to observe our school surrounding and to write down what we saw on the way. First, we were split out into big groups. Out of the school gate, one group turned left and the other turned right. I belonged to the first group who turned left
            We enjoyed this activity, while strolling down the land surrounding our school. Everybody in group started right and left along the way to get ideas for their own writing task afterward. While we were busy getting our own ideas, suddenly the big dog got out of a big house near our school. It was barking loudly toward us. Everybody in my group was panic and ran to all their own directions. I ran as fast as I could since I was very afraid of dog. Some of my friends were screaming sacredly and ran back to the school.
            To me it was really funny, scary and unforgettable experience during my school life.
39. Based on the text we can conclude that …
A.      the writer is a fast runner
B.       most of the students were afraid of dog
C.       the dog was a house guard dog
D.      the owner of the dog was there
40. Why did the writer and his friend run away?
A.      The dog bit his friends.
B.       They were racing back to school.
C.       The time for outing class was over.
D.      A big barking dog scared them.
41. Everybody in my group was panic … a big dog was barking loudly.
A.      if
B.       because
C.       but
D.      so

The text is for question 42 to 43.
Once upon a time, a grandmother and her daughter lived in Roti Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur. They had a field and grew some vegetables. The grand Mother sold them at the market.
In the morning, the grandmother would go to the market. Before she left, she asked her granddaughter to cook.
“Please cook some rice for lunch. But just cook one grain of rice. “It is enough for both of us “.
“Why grand ma ?” asked the girl
“Just do what I said “
The grandmother then left for the market. Later, the girl started to cook. However, she felt a grain of rice would not be enough for them.
“I think it is not enough for me and my grandmother “. Then she took two handful of rice.
Suddenly, something bad happened to the rice pot. “Oh no! The rice flowed out of the pot!” shouted the girl “ What should I do ? “ The rice became rice porridge. It flowed and flowed until it covered the kitchen. Suddenly, the grandmother came home. The girl explained what happened.
“You are naughty girl!”. Why did not you listen to me? “The grandmother was so angry. She hit the girl with a wooden stick.
“Please forgive me, grandmother!” The little girl cried and cried. But the grandmother kept hitting her.
Then an incredible thing happened!. The girl turned into a monkey. The monkey then ran away and climbed a tree. The grandmother chased it. From the tree, the monkey said “Grandmother, I am a monkey now. I cannot live with you anymore. You are all alone “
The monkey climbed up and disappeared. The grandmother was very sad. She regretted what she had done to her beloved grad daughter. “Please come back to me. Please forgive me, my granddaughter!”, but it was too late.
The little girl has turned into a monkey and never came home. The people of Roti Island believe this story. And that is until now, people in the Roti Island never their children or other people’s child. They afraid that the child would turn into a monkey.
42. What is the purpose of the text above?
  1. To argue why astory is important.
  2. To describe the characters in a story.
  3. To make us to not lie to our grandma
  4. To teach moral value from the story.

43. What happened when the granddaughter cooked the rice?
A.      The rice pot exploded.
B.       The girl turned into a monkey,
C.       The poridge flooded the kitchen
D.      The grandmother was so angry.

44.  Reaarange these words into a good sentence.

her grand daughter
to see
a monkey

A.    3 - 5 - 7 - 8 - 2 - 1 - 4 - 6
B.     1 - 4 - 8 - 7 - 2 - 5 - 6 - 3
C.     3 - 5 - 2 - 7 - 1 - 6 - 4 - 8
D.    1 - 5 - 2 - 7 - 3 - 6 - 4 – 8

The text is for question 45 to 47.

One of the world’s biggest statues, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, has been constructed in Bali, and it’s already looking impressive. The gigantic monument of the Hindu God of providence Wisnu riding the mythical bird Garuda is around 120 m high (including a concrete pedestal) and 64 m wide. To put this in perspective, New York’s Statue of Liberty stands at  93 m. The tallest statue in the world is statue at Spring Temple Buddha monument in Henan, China, 128 m.
            Garuda Wisnu Kencana has been in the making for the past two decades, with the work resuming in 2013 after a 16 year hiatus due to financial woes. Masterminded by a renowned Balinese sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta, the Partially-completed statue is already the highlight of the 240 hectare Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park on the island’s southern coast. Wisnu’s massive upper bod, as well as Garuda’s head and claws have been attracting scores of local and foreign visitors to the park for a good few years now. While the final monument is made from over 4000 tons od copper, brass and steel, its parts are currently being fashioned by Nuarta at his Bandung workshop in Java before being transported over 1000 km by trucks for installation.
            Opened in 1997 to house the colossal sculpture, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park plays host to reguler gathering and events, and features a lotus pond, and amphitheatre and an exhibition area.
(Adapted from AKASIA page 42,2019)
  1. What does the text mainly tell us about?
A.    The New York’s Statue of Liberty
B.     The statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana
C.     The largest statue in the world
D.    The Statues of Hindu’s God

  1. After reading the text above, the readers will probably be ...
A.    inspired to be a sculptor
B.     interested to visit the statue
C.     hurried to go to Bali for holiday
D.    motivated to make their own statue

  1. Based on the text above, Among the three tallest statues in the world Wisnu Garuda Kencana is around 120 m, New York’s Statue of Liberty stand around 93 m . . . the statue at Soring Temple Buddha monument in Henan is tallest than of them.
A.    so
B.     and
C.     because
D.    in order to
The following text is for question 48-49

How to Make Mango Juice

-          some mangoes
-          a half glass of water
-          a glass of iced cube
-          a spoon of sugar
-          3 spoons of condensed milk

First, peel the mangoes and clean it. Next, cut the mango into pieces and put them into the juicer.
Then, put the water, ice, sugar, and milk. After that, turn on the juicer and wait about 15 seconds.
Finally, pour the mango juice into the glass and it ready to be served.

48.  How long does it take time to blend?
A.      15 seconds
B.       20 seconds
C.       25 seconds
D.      5 seconds

49. What should we do before we put the mango into the juicer?
A.      turn on the juicer
B.       pour the mango juice into the glass
C.       add water, ice, sugar, and milk
D.      cut them into pieces

50. Arrange the following words into a correct sentence.

have to
the mango
the juicer
A.    5-1-3-4-6-7-2-9-7
B.     5-6-1-3-2-8-4-7-9
C.     5-3-1-2-6-4-7-8-9
D.    5-1-6-3-2-4-9-7-8