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Lion is four-legged carnivorous mammal which has long been considered to be one of endangered animals by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They are from the Felidae family and they are the second-largest cat after the tiger. They live in a group and they usually inhabit savannah and grassland. A group of Lion is called “a pride”, it may have up to 30 members, but mostly it consists of 15 members. The members of a pride are male lions, female lions (usually called as “lioness”) and their off spring.

The body weight of a baby lion is about 1,2 to 2 kg. As they grow older, they can reach a maximum body weight of 250 kg for the male lion and 185 kg for the lioness. The length of an adult male lion can reach the size of 330 cm, while the lioness can reach the size of 270 cm. Both male and female lions have muscular body, this is the reason why they have so much energy to hunt other animals which sometimes has a bigger body than them. 

They have broad head, round ears, short neck, and a long tail. The tail can reach the size of 100 cm and it ends with a dark hairy tuft. Their skin color varies from light buff to silverly gray, but some people also thought that their color is brown. The head of a male lions is covered by thick mane which grow downward and backward covering not only most of their head but also their chest. The color of the mane is the combination of brown, yellow, rust and black.