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The Holy Places of Masjidil Haram

Masjidil Haram is located in the city of Makkah and it is the largest mosque in the world. Masjidil Haram building has the circle shape. The structure area of Masjidil haram is around 656.800 square metres including the outdoor and indoor. Masjidil Haram can receive more than one million people. Then, it consist of 3 floors and it has seven tower. Masjidil Haram has some holy places, there are Ka’bah, Hijr Ismail, Maqam Ibrahim, Safa Marwah hills and Zam-Zam well.

The first is Ka’bah. Ka’bah becomes a center building in Masjidil Haram. Then, Ka’bah is the most sacred site in islam and all of moslem around the world face the Ka’bah during prayer, no matter where they are. Second is Hijr Ismail. Hijr Ismail is the foundation of Ibrahim’s family. In this place, many people who do hajj or umroh piety do sunnah prayer directly because Hijr Ismail is a good place to pray.

Third is Maqam Ibrahim. The Maqam Ibrahim is a rock that has an imprint of Ibrahim's foot which is kept in a crystal dome next to the Ka’bah. Fourth are As-Safa and Al-Marwah. Safa and Marwah are two small hills and it is the place to do sa’i. When the moslem do sa’i in Safa and Marwah, they are travel back and forth for seven times. The last is Zam-Zam Well. Zam-zam water originates from spring in the base land of Masjidil Haram. The well has never gone dry despite the millions of liters of water consumed every year.

All in all, Masjidil Haram is the greatest mosque.  It is the most special mosque in the world because the holy places in Masjidil Haram is very extraordinary and astonishing. Also, Masjidil Haram becomes center mosque in the world.