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Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris I “Saying Salam” I Kumpulan Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Assalamu’alaikum. wr.wb.
Dear honorable all of my teachers, who always give me the best guidance,
And Dear honorable all of my beloved friends,
Firstly, let’s thanks to god because we have been given health so we can join this speech activities without less of everything.
Secondly, Sholawat and Salam may always be given to our great prophet Muhammad saw because he is the truly pattern for us in this life, and we should follow his steps and action, and may we include of the members of his religious community that will be given his helps in the end of day.
Thirdly, I would like to say thanks to the Master of ceremony which has given me the time to deliver my speech in this our beloved classroom.
In this right time, I would like to present the speech by the title Saying Salam”.

Ladies and gentlemen!
All of us of course want to be able to enter to the heaven in the next living. That is because the heaven is the place which full of the endless enjoyment and comforts. And to reach the heaven is not only done as like as we do in our life. Actually, the follower of Allah who can enter to the heaven is the human that has best and truly believing. And to reach that truly believing, we must love each other among the Moslems.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
So, what step must we apply in order to we love each other among the Moslems?
The step must be taken as the Moslem community is we should say greeting or Salam to our friend when we meet each other.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Saying greeting or Salam (assalamualaikum) is the good activity which we should send to everyone. Not only for the people who have known, but also for the people which haven’t been known.
And saying greeting or Salam is the best activity in Islam. And we must know how to say Salam. The way to say Salam is as follow:
1.    The younger people should say Salam (assalamualaikum) earlier to the older people.
2.    And when we visit our neighbor’s home, we must say Salam, too.
That is the way to say Salam.
Ok. That’s all my delivering speech, may it can give much of benefit for us. Amiin!!
Wassalamualaikum warrohmatullahi wabarokatu!