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Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. It has a population of six million, the largest of any urban center in the Southeast Asia. It is located on the alluvial plain of Ciliwung River in northwestern Java. The city is coextensive with its metropolitan area, Jakarta Raya and forming a special capital region. The city has expanded from the Kota, or Old city and now includes the modern port of Tanjung Priok.


The majority of the city’s residents are Moslem from west, central and east Java. In the last 30 years, heavy in-migration, primarily from the densely populated areas of Java, has encountered for much of the rapid growth. Jakarta is the major industrial and commercial center in Indonesia with textiles and food processing among its more important industries.

Jakarta’s port is the nation’s center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia Culture, houses both domestic and overseas flights.

Jakarta is also the cultural center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia culture houses both ancient and modern works art.

The University of Indonesia and nine private universities are located here.

Jakarta was settled as a trading center by Hindus and Buddhist from India about 15th century. The Portuguese dominated the area in the 14th century, but they were ousted by the Sultan of Bantam in 1527. He named the city Jayakarta, meaning “glorious fortress”.