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The Elephant - A Short Story - Entertain The Reader

elephant fable
Elephants and Friends

A long time ago , there lived a young elephant in a jungle. He was a nice friendly elephant, so he had a lot of animals friend in the jungle.

One day, some guards of the nearby kingdom caught the elephant and brought it to their king. The king used the elephants as the ride for walking along his kingdom and for battle as well. The king loved the elephant very much that he told everybody in the kingdom to loved and respect the elephant , because a brave animal. Soon, the elephant became proud of himself. He refused to play with other animals.

One day the king went round his kingdom on his elephant . The elephant was wearing a great custom and everybody along the street admired him. The elephant enjoyed it very much.
Suddenly, a little mouse passed the street. The mouse was so surprised to see the big animal near him that he made a squeky sound. The elephant was so surprissed to see the mouse, he was scared too.He saw the wide open eyes and mouth of the mouse.the elephant ran as fast as he could.

The king yelled,” stop !stop it. You will drop me. Hi, stop, you stupid animal”. “ but the elephant didnt hear anything. The big animals was to scared of the little mouse .