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Contoh Soal Ujian Akhir Semester 1 Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD/MI
Suasana Bimbel Integral Walikukun


Pahamilah dialog berikut dan jawablah pertanyaan nomor 1 – 5 di bawah ini!
Vedy          : Who is this, Dini?
Dini            : It is Mr. Lewi. He is my father.
Vedy          : What is he?
Dini            : He is a lawyer.
Vedy          : What is in his hand?
Dini            : It is a filefold.
Vedy          : oh, I see.

1.       Whom are they talking about?
a.       Dini                      b.      Vedy
c.       Mr. Lewi              d.      Filefold

    2.    What is in Mr. Lewi’s hand?
a.       Lawyer                 b.      Filefold
c.       Book                    d.      Pen

3.    What is Mr. Lewi?
a.       He is a teacher      b.      He is a librarian
c.       He is a lawyer       d.      He is a doctor

4.    Who is Mr. Lewi for Dini?
a.       Mr. Lewi is her husband
b.      Mr. Lewi is her friend
c.       Mr. Lewi is her uncle
d.      Mr. Lewi is her father

5.    Bahasa Indonesia dari “Lawyer” adalah . . . .
a.       Sopir
b.      Petani
c.       Tentara
d.      Pengacara

6.    Q : Is He a policeman?
      A : No, . . . . He is a soldier.
a.       He is
b.      She is
c.       He is not
d.      She is not

7.    Q : Are they farmer?
     A : Yes, . . . .
     Q : Are you a teacher?
     A : No, I’m not. I am . . . . (seorang pelaut)
a.       A sailor
b.      A tailor
c.       A librarian
d.      A businessman

9.    (+) He is a pilot.
      (-) . . . .
       a.     He is a pilot
       b.    He is not a pilot
       c.     Is he a pilot
      d.     Is he not a pilot

   10. (-) They are not students.
         (?) . . . . ?
      a.       They are students
      b.      They are not students
c.       They not are students
d.      Are they students

11.    A : Is that a rabbit?
  B : No it is not. It is not a rabbit.
         It is . . . . (seekor tikus).
a.       A rabbit               b.      A mouse
c.       A dog                   d.      A cat

12. (-) That is not a crocodile.
      (+) . . . .
a.       Is this a crocodile?
b.      It is not a crocodile
c.       That is a crocodile
d.      This is not a crocodile

13. Q : . . . . ?
      A : That is my pencil
a.       What are you       b.      Who are you
c.       What is that         d.      Who is this

14. Q : . . . . ?
      A : That is my teacher.
a.       What are you       b.      Who are you
c.       What is that         d.      Who is that

15. Q : Which one is your bag?
      A : . . . .
a.       Yes, it is
b.      No, it is not
c.       The red one is my bag
d.      The short one is my father

16. Q : What is Mrs. Hani?
      A : Mrs. Hani is a . . . . (guru)
a.       Teacher                 b.      Sailor
c.       Nurse                    d.      Driver

17. “Sunny” dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah . . . .
a. dingin                       b. berawan
c. cerah                        d. hujan

18. “cloudy” dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah . . . .
a. dingin                      b. berawan
c. berangin                  d. cerah sekali

19. Bryan        : Is it windy, Jay?
      Jay             : Yes, . . . .
a.       Is it                       b.      It is
c.       Is it not                 d.      It is not

20. Hernandez : Is it raining, Geza?
      Geza          : No, . . . . It is cloudy.
a.       Is it                       b.      It is
c.       Is it not                 d.      It is not

21. “Hari sedang hujan” bahasa Inggrisnya adalah . . . .
   a. It is cloudy          b. It is raining
   c. It is sunny           d. It is windy

22. What am I?
            I am a girl. I like teaching my students. I teach every Monday to Saturday. I always say to my students “good morning” when I am entering the classroom.
a.       Librarian                  b.      Headmaster
c.       Student                     d.      Teacher

23. Q : . . . . I borrow your pen?
      A : Yes, you may.
a.       May                         b.      Would
c.       Want                        d.      Thank you

24. Q : . . . . you please lend me that eraser?
      A : sorry, I am using it.
a.       May                         b.      Want
c.       Would                      d.      Thank you

25. Operator    : Hello, Hotel Raya.
      Man           : . . . . speak to Mr. Andrew, please?
a.       Would I                   b.      May I
c.       I see                         d.      Thank yoU 

26.Q :  May I take your picture?
     A : No, . . . .
a.       You may                 b.      May not
c.       You may not           d.      You would not

27. Anton is … than Jojon.
a.       Weaker                   b.      Stronger
c.       Weakest                  d.      Strongest

28. “Tina is the tallest of them.” bahasa Indonesia dari kata yang digaris bawahi adalah …
a.       Tinggi
b.      Lebih tinggi
c.       Paling tinggi
d.      Paling pendek

29. “Anton lebih muda daripada Tian.” Bahasa inggris dari kata yang digaris bawahi adalah …
a.       Young                    b.      youth
c.       Younger                 d.      Youngest

30. Bonar : Can you sing a song, Dira?
   Dira    : No, . . . .
       a.       I may                     b.      I may not
             c.       I can                       d.      I cannot

Bacaan panduan untuk soal nomor 31 – 33!
My House

            My name is Tian. I live in a village with my family. I have a big house. In my house, there are five bedrooms, one kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a store, two bathrooms, and the large garden.
            My garden is very clean because I sweep it everyday. Today, my kitchen is dirty. My mother asks me to sweep the floor.

31.   What is the title of the reading above?
a.       My house
b.      My name is Tian
c.       I live in a village
d.      I live with my family

32.   Where does Tian live?
a.       In a town
b.      In a valley
c.       In a village
d.      In an apartment

33.   How many bathrooms are there in Tian’s house?
a.       There is one bathroom
b.      There are two bathrooms
c.       There are three bathrooms
d.      There are four bathrooms

Bacaan panduan untuk soal nomor 34 – 35!
Hello everybody, good morning. Today I want to introduce my self. My name is Shinta. My complete name is Diana Shinta Chandra. I was born on December 24, 1998. I am twelve years old. I am a girl. I am a student. My address is at 32 Jl. Purwanto, Balikpapan. My hobbies are reading and listening to the music.

34.   When was Shinta born?
a.       Balikpapan
b.      Twelve years old
c.       December 24, 1998
d.      At. 32 Jl. Purwanto

      35.   Where does Shinta live?
             a.       At 32 Jl. Purwanto
             b.      Twelve years old
             c.       December 24, 1998
             d.      Reading and listening to the music

       36.   Q : May I sit here?
        A : No,  ..................................................... .

       37.   (+) That is a bugle.
         (-) ........................... a bugle.

 38.    Q : ............................................................?
          A : It is a horse.

 39. Sherly    : Which one is your book? (yang merah)
          Rizky  : The ............................. is my book.

40. Yordan is ...........(lebih  pendek) than Destri.

41. Merlyn is ................(yang paling cantik) of them.

42. Q : ........................ borrow your watch?
      A : Yes she can.

43. Q : ............... was you born?
      A : I was born In Mexico.

44. Grace    : ............................ you born?
       Lewi    : I was born on July 22, 1997.

45. A : Is Nove Diligent?
      B : Yes, ........................................................

46. A : Is she a dancer? (singer)
       B : No,   ___________________________________.      
47. Q : ____________________
      A : I was born in Italy.
      Q : ___________________________?
      A : I was born on Desember 25, 2000
48. Bahasa Indonesia  : Aisah adalah yang paling malas dari semuanya.
      Bahasa Inggris                    : _______________________________________________
49. Bahasa Indonesia  : ________________________________________________________
     Bahasa Inggris: Galang is more handsome than Tiko.

   50. Buatlah percakapan atau dialog singkat dengan menggunakan beberapa ungkapan seperti: 
         can, may, would,where, when, I see dan thank you!