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Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris I WHOSE WALLET

Korean Drame

A number of students get out from their classroom to go home.

Lucky  : EH, Vicky. May I go home with you?
Vicky  : Ok, Lucky. Come on!

Then Vicky and Lucky go home together, suddenly they see that Vicky’s motorcycle break down on the centre of the lonely road.

Vicky  : Wait, what happened with your motorcycle?
Lucky  : I don’t know. Try to look at the fuel. Is there any or not!
Vicky  : The fuel is still enough, Luck.
Lucky  : if that so, it must be a problem with the machine.
Vicky  : May be. Do you know the repair shop near here?
Lucky  : I don’t know. This road is so lonely, there is no one moreover repair shop.
Vicky  : Yea, Ok. Want or not, we must push this motorcycle until we find a repair shop.
Lucky  : How if we don’t find the repair shop?
Vicky  : We must push this motorcycle until home.
Lucky  : Yes, it doesn’t matter.

While they are pushing the motorcycle, suddenly Vicky can’t hold up to urinate. Then he does that under a big tree beside that road.

Vicky  : Luck, I do urinate first, Ok? I can’t hold up!
Lucky  : Yea. Don’t be along time. We will late until home!
Vicky  : Yes, I will not along time.

While Vicky is doing urinate suddenly Lucky see something beside the road near Vicky’s motorcycle.

Lucky  : What is that? It doesn’t look like a valuable thing? 

Not long after that, Vicky comes afterward lucky.

Vicky  : What is that, Luck? Wallet? Whose wallet?
Lucky  : Yes. It is a wallet. I don’t know whose wallet this is. I have not opened it yet.
Vicky  : Ok. Hurry up. Open it!
Lucky  : Hmm. Yea.
Vicky and Lucky      : Wow. There is so much money inside it.
Lucky  : There is an identity card!
Vicky  : Right, it looks like an identity card of the owner of this wallet.
Lucky  : The house of the owner of this wallet is near with our house, let’s return it!
Vicky  : what for we return this wallet? We have found it! Let’s divide the money.
Lucky  : I don’t want. That is sin.
Vicky  : Who ordered she falls down her wallet!
Lucky  : If you force me, Ok. Let’s divide this money.

Finally, they push their motorcycle until home. Two hours after that, Vicky goes to Lucky’s house to play.

Vicky  : Lucky, Let’s go to play!
Ms Ana: Oh, you Vick! Come in! Lucky is asked to do the homework first and after that he may go to play.
Vicky  : Ok, Ms. Thanks.
Ms Ana: Vick, what do you want to drink? I will make it to you.
Vicky  : No thanks. 
Ms Ana: Don’t say that. Come on, what do you want to drink?
Vicky  : at the discretion of you, Ms.  
Ms Ana: Ok. Wait a moment.

Then, Lucky’s Mom is coming.

Lucky’s Mom  : Eh, Vicky. Have you been along time in here?
Vicky  : I just come, aunty. How are you, aunty?
Lucky’s Mom  : Fine. You want to invite lucky to play?
Vicky  : Right, aunty. May I ask something, aunty?
Lucky’s Mom  : Sure. Ask about what?
Vicky  : Aunt, why does Lucky do his school task now? It can be done tonight?
Lucky’s Mom  : if at night, usually Vicky fast to fall asleep.
Vicky  : O... likes that? OK, I will wait.
Lucky’s Mom  : Yea, just wait. He must be going to finish it.
Ms Ana: It is the beverage, Vick. Drink it!
Vicky  : Yes, Ms. Thanks.
Ms Ana: Mom, you have the schedule of “arisan” now, don’t you?
Lucky’s Mom  : Oh, Yea. I forgot. Ok, I go to “arisan” first…
Ms Ana: Yes, Mom.

Not long after that Lucky is coming

Vicky  : Luck, why do you do the task in along time?
Lucky  : I am sorry, Vick. Long have wait me?
Vicky  : Yes. I have long time wait you.

Then they sit in front of the house and divide the money from the wallet which they have found beside the road.

Vicky  : Come on, don’t be in along time?
Lucky  : There is two hundred thousand rupiah. You get one hundred and I get t one hundred, too.

Not long after that, Udin (close friend of Lucky’s Older sister) comes to Lucky’s house.

Udin   : Hi. What are you doing? Whose money is that?
Vicky  : Our money. If it is the other’s money will not be brought by us!
Udin   : it is impossible. You are still Childs. It is impossible to have much money like that. I ask to sister Ana …
Lucky  : Actually, it is not our money. We found it beside the road.
Udin   : Why don’t you return it?
Lucky  : I would return it, but Vicky forces me to divide this money.
Udin   : Bring here. I will see the owner’s address.
Lucky  : I have intended to return it to the owner, brother. But Vicky forbids me.
Udin   : You must not do like that. It means you have grabbed the other. In spite of you have found it. Because the owner must be need it.
Lucky  : I have told to Vicky but he still forces me.
Udin   : Just Enough. It will be better if you return it to the owner now.
Vicky  : I am sorry, brother. I am fault.
Lucky  : Let’s return this wallet.

They go to the wallet owner’s house and return it

Vicky  : Good afternoon!
Dhila  : Good afternoon! Who are you?
Vicky  : Excuse me! Is it right Fadhillah Pangesti’s house?
Dhila  : Yes. Alright. What can I help to you?
Lucky  : We come here with the purpose to return the wallet which we have found beside the road.
Dhila  : Find the wallet? Wait a moment. I will look it. Come in, please!

Dhila comes to her bedroom and checks the wallet. On the other hand, Vicky and lucky are still in the living room.

Dhila  : it is right. This is my wallet. Thanks. You have returned my wallet which you have found. You are very good boys.
Vicky  : That is a must. We must return something which is not ours.
Lucky  : That is right.
Dhila  : Thank you very much
Lucky  : You are welcome.