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Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris “The Role of Santri in the Milenial Area”


“The Role of Santri in the Milenial Area”

Ass. Wr. Wb.
Alhamdulillahi robbil ‘alamin
Wabihi nastanginu ‘ala umuri dun ya wadin
Wa ala alihi wa shobihi ajmain. Ama ba’du.

Honorable jury
Ustadz Ustadzah whom I respect
As well as friends of the speech participants I love

        First of all, let us say thanks to Allah SWT, who has given his grace and guidance, so that today, we can meet in here, face to face, in the 'ENGLISH SPEECH COMPETITION' in the Commemorate of Santri day in good health without any obstacles

The second is Sholawat and greetings, let us always deliver to our lord, the Prophet Muhammad SAW, hopefully someday we will get intercession in Yaumil Khiyamah. Aamiin!
Allohuma amiin.

Thirdly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is TALITHA SALSABILA, my friends usually call me TALITHA. I am the first grade student of SMPN 2 Ngawi. My motivation on joining this speech contest is simple. I want to test my bravery, I want to test my English mastery, and I like the contests like this. May the Yuri choose me as the winner of this contest? Aamiin…!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this occasion I would like to deliver a speech about ““The Role of Santri in the Milenial Area”

Santri are people who study Islamic religious education at a pesantren, usually living in that place until education is complete.
Like a song that was very famous in the past, Let’s listen it :
Suasana di kota santri
Asik senangkan hati
Suasana di kota santri
Asik senangkan hati

Tiap pagi dan sore hari
Muda mudi berbusana rapi
Menyandang kitab suci
Hilir mudik silih berganti
Pulang pergi mengaji

However, in this millennial era, students are not enough if they just sit and recite but also have to do some things that can be used as preparation in living life in the current of globalization.

In this increasingly advanced age, a santri must have high intellectuals. Santri must be able to balance the life of the world and the hereafter.

Santri as agents of change and agent of control have a big role to maintain the nation character, and the ideology of the State of Indonesia. In this case, actually santri have a much greater challenge to explore and survive in the current of globalization when compared to youth in general.

On social media, the term of millennial santri develops in line with the discussion of the issues “santri now era”.

Millennial santri must be creative, confident and connected with technology lines. The creativity of millennial santri is not limited by pesantren booths, they are also confident in their personal abilities in various knowledges, science and between languages. However, millennial santri has an advantage on a moral basis. These values ​​of morality are the supporting power for millennial santri.

There are a number of fundamental issues that can be a reflection of millennial santri on the momentum of this santri day:
1. Students must develop knowledge capacity and intellectual networks.
2. Santri must be prepared with professional skills.
3. Santri must be a moderate and tolerant generation of responsiveness in cyberspace.
4. Santri must be active and brave to socialize the tolerant and non-violent Islamic doctrine in cyberspace.
5. Santri is the front guard who preaches Islam that is shady, not riotous.
6. Santri must become 'promoters' of unity, peace and order. Not just being 'buzzer', mischief, hostility, slander, and hate speech.
7. The santri must be versatile, versatile, multitalented and students should not be any (lack of updates).
8. Students must continue to be historical actors, not historical burdens.
9. Santri must think constructively, reflectively, actively, effectively, creatively, innovatively.
The President of Jokowi through Presidential Decree No. 22 of 2015 has set October the twenty second as Santri Day. This was welcomed by the PBNU because all this time the santri played a major role in the Indonesian struggle for independence, therefore. KH. Hasyim Asya'ari as the founder of NU called for jihad by saying that, "Defending the homeland of the legal invaders is obligatory or a must for each individual". According to the Prophet's Hadith, "Hubbul Wathon Minal iimaan".

Have a santri Day……

Ladies and gentlemen and also my dearest friends, this is the end of my speech today. I hope my speech may be useful for all us, and I do apologize if I said something wrong.

I pray May I become the winner. Before I end my speech I would present a song. Let’s listen…

We are are the champions my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions of the world.

Thank you very for your attention.
I am sorry if I had mistakes
Usikum wanafsi bittaqualloh
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wr

Thanks for your visitation