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Modul Bahasa Ingggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 (Chapter I)


Oleh :




Salah satu upaya untuk melengkapi sumber belajar  yang relevan dan bermakna guna meningkatkan mutu pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Pertama  (SMP),  Al Izzah Group yang merupakan salah satu perintis Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar dan Privat yang terbaik di Ngawi barat mengembangkan buku pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa kelas VIII.

Modul ini merupakan modul khusus yang dilengkapi dengan ringkasan materi, trik mudah dan kumpulan latihan soal yang dikemas sedemikian rupa sehingga siswa dapat memahami materi dengan mudah dan mengarah.

Modul ini telah dinilai oleh tim Peningkatan mutu pendidikan bimbingan dan rapat dewan tentor, dan dinyatakan memenuhi  syarat untuk digunakan sebagai buku pelajaran di Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar dan Privat Al Izzah Walikukun. Para  siswa diharapkan dapat menguasai semua Standar Kompetensi dan Kompetensi Dasar secara lebih mendalam, luas serta bermakna, kemudian dapat mengaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari dan juga memperolah peningkatan yang signifikan dalam pemerolehan nilai PR, Tugas, Ulangan harian, Ujian Semesteran dan Ujian Nasional.

Saran perbaikan untuk penyempurnaan modul ini sangat diharapkan. Terimakasih setulus-tulusnya disampaikan kepada para rekan yang telah berkontribusi dalam penyusunan modul ini, baik pada saat awal pengembangan bahan ajar, uji coba terbatas, maupun penyempurnaan  sehingga  dapat  tersusunnya  modul ini. Terimakasih  dan  penghargaan  juga  disampaikan  kepada  semua  pihak yang telah membantu terwujudnya penyetakan modul ini.

Walikukun, 15 Agustus 2013


MAY I HELP YOU BRAY..............?

1.Asking ,Giving And Declining Opinions 
  Expression of asking For Opinion
  When we ask for opinion, we can use;
  * How do you feel about....?
  * What is your opinion about...?
  * What do you think ...?
  * Do you think that...?

      You can respond the expression by, saying the resan .It usually adjective .
      - It is great  
      - It is beat  
      - It is so wonderful
      The bold italicized words are adjective .
      If you want to refuse giving opinion ,you can say;
      - I am sorry .No comment.
      - I am sorry. I can’t say anything.
      - I am sorry .This is not my business.

2.Asking ,Offering ,Giving, And Rejecting Things Or Something
  Pay attention to the dialogues below. 
  Waitress : Can I Help you?
  Mr.Ardhan : A cheese burger and a glass of orange juice please.
  Waitress      : Sure : That’s Rp:15.000.00 all. Here you are.
  Mr.Ardhan : Alright. here is the money .
  Waittress :Thank you .I hope you enjoy your meal .
  Mr.Ardhan :Thank you very much.
  Hendra : Do you want chocolate? here it is.
  Rima : No, Thanks. I’ve got toothache.
  Hendra : Oh, sorry.
     Asking for items
     - Can I have a bowl of cocktail soup?
     - Can I have the bread?
     - Can I have the paper?
     - Can I have a stalk of rose ?
     - Can I have the package?
    Giving items:
     - O.K. Here you are.
     - Certainly. Here you are.
     - Of course. Here you are .
     - Sure. Here you are.
     - Why not?

    Refusing to give items:
     - I am sorry ,I  cant .
     - Sorry ,this not mine. 
     - Really, I want to give you ,but there is nothing more.

    You can express giving items using the expressions as follows:
     - Here is a….for you 
     - Here are some ….for you 
    Receiving items 
     - Thank you 
     - Thank you .How fantastic?
     - Thank you very much.
    Refusing items:
     - Thank you ,but I have some 
     -  Thank you ,but it is better for the others .

3.  Asking, Offering , Giving ,and Refusing services
    Pay attention to dialogue bellow
    Sita  :You look so busy ,mom?
           Is there anything I can do for you?
    Mother:Could you cut the vegetables ,please?
    Sita  :Sure

Here are the expressions to ask for, offer, accept or refuse service:
 Offering service:
  - Do you need any help 
  - Is there anything I can do for you?
  - Can I help you something?
  - What can I do for you?

 Accepting The Offter Of Service
  - Sure ,thanks.
  - Great?
  - O.K. Thanks a lot 
  - Of course 
  - Yes ,please? 

 Asking for service:
  - Help me ,please?
  - Could you do me a favor?
  - Could you help me?
  - Is that OK if you?
  - Do you mind moping the floor ,please?

 Refusing service:
  - No ,thank you.
  - Really I like the offering ,but I can do by my self.
  - Thank you ,but I can do by self .
  - I am sorry, it will make you busy.
  - No ,It Is difficult for me.

4. Asking And Giving Agreement
  When we ask for agreement ,we can say:
   - What do you think if…..
   - Yes, I agree. 
   - How about 
   - That’s true?
  If we agree with the statement said ,we can say:
   - I agree with you.
   - Wonderful?
   - Good idea?
   - I think so.
   - The sound is good.
  If we don’t agree ,we can say:
   - I don’t agree .
   - I am sorry ,I  don’t agree with you.
   - I dissagree with you. 
   - No, I don’t think .
   - I don’t think so .

Task 1. Practice the dialogue infront of the class with your friend!
Putri : Hi, Dino. Where are you going anyway?
Dino: Oh, hi Putri. I’m going to the library.
Putri : Oh, hey, my be you can also borrow teenlit or chicklit here. What is your opinion?
Dino: Well, I think that’s imposible, putri.
 Because I don’t like those books. In my opinion, the stories are not so interesting and 
          sometimes they’re so boring.
Putri : I see. According to me, the books are okay. The storiea are based on the everyday fact in 
          tenagers life.
Dino: then, we have different opinion about it, putri. And I appreciate your opinion.

Task 2. Answer these question based on the text/dialogue above!
1.Who are in the dialogue above?
2.What dino going to do?
3.Does dino like to read teenlit?
4.What does dino’s opinion about teenlit?
5.Mention the expression of asking and giving opinion in the dialogue above!

Task 3. Practise the dialogue in front of the class with your friend!
Nina : Niko, can you do me a favor, please?
Niko : Of course, what can I do for you?
Nina : Would you be so kind as to take care my cat.
          I’m going to bogor tomorrow to visit my uncle. He is sick. I’ll be  there for about two days.
Niko: I’de very happyto take care of your cat. I love cats.
Nina : Great. Thanks.
Niko: Should I bathe it?
Nina : No, it’s necessary.

Answer these following question based on the text/ dialogue above!
1.Who are the dialogue above?
2.What does Nina ask Niko to do?
3.Where will nina go tomorrow?
4.Why is Nina going there?
5.Should Niko bathe the cat?
6.Mention the epression of asking service from the dialogue above?

Competence Test

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d
1. Dafa    : Let me clean the blackboard.
    Miss Tara : .......
    a.Do you mind cleaning it? C. Never mind.
    b.It doesn’t matter d. Yes, please

2. Mr. Bram : can I book table for two tomorrow?
    Seller : ... the seats are fully booked for tomorrow.
    a.I am sorry       c. Sure 
    b.Of course       d. Why not

3. Guest : Can I have a blanket?
    Receptionist : .... here you are
    a. Sorry, I have you are       c. I am sorry
    b. It is not for you       d. certainly 

4. Mom : Are you tired?
    Daniel: Yes,.....
    a. You are       c. I am
    b. Are you       d. Am I
5. Johan : What do you think of this boook?
    Donny : ...
    a. I bought it in that stationary c. I have borrowed it from melvi
    b. It is an interesting book d. I want to buy it

6. Ninda : What is your opinion about this recreational area?
    Sita : ...
    a. It is blue montain c. I don’t think so
    b. It is not the recreational area d. It has good view

7. Siska : ...
    Deana : She is my classmate
    a.Yes, I do. She is my classmate c. Why is Ridha crying?
    b.Who is rida?         d. Is he good stdent?

8. Nanda : Do you like reading?
    Saskia  : Yes, I like.
    a.Television         c. Tape recorder
    b.Radio         d. Magazine 

9. Joko : Do you like fast food?
    Ahmad : ... it is not good for our health.
    a.Yes, I do          c. Yes, you are
    b.No, I don’t      d. yes, I am

10. Anjani : Would you like some ...?
      Seily : No, thank you.
     a.Book          c. candies
     b.Pencils          d. bread 

Read the text below and answer the question!

Saint Valentine
Saint Valentaine was a pries who lived long ago at the time of the Roman Emperor, cladius II.
Cladius would not let soldiers marry however. Valentine secretly performed marriage the service for
them. Then, he was discovered and was trown into jail. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s
daughter while he was in prison. On the day was put to death he sent her a little not which he signed,
“Your Valentine”. Now a days. Many people think that Saint Valentine’s Day has something to do
with that story.

Answer these following question!

1. What is the textabout?

2. Who was saint valentine?

3. Why was Saint Valentine in prison?

4. When did Valentine fall in love with girl?

5. What does “them”, in sentence  3, refer to?

Untuk Mendapatkan Versi Lengkap Chapter 1 2 3 4 dan Kumpulan Latihan Soal dan Download Modul Bahasa Ingggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 Lengkap (Chapter I, II, III dan IV) ini silakan download dengan cara klik Download Modul Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8SMP/MTs Semester Ganjil

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